Friday, July 19, 2013

Miss Speedster takes a drive

Taking a 2011 Black Corvette for a test drive!!!  I am in LOVE!!!!!!!

It was time to get my Honda Civic oil change done.  This was my first oil change since the purchase and I am not used to getting them only being done every 7K miles.  Kinda hard to break old habits.  As I was waiting, I went to see my sales guy, and we chatted.  He asked if I was liking my new car I purchased in March and I said absolutely, but I still wish I had gotten a manual.  I really miss it!!!  He said, I have the perfect thing for you...I have a Corvette on the lot.  I was like, "What?  I have never ridden in one of those!"  So we took it out for a test drive.  

He drove first, and I was loving every minute of it!!!  He took the top off and then let me drive.  Yup, I got up to 115...if traffic would have gotten out of my way maybe I could have gone faster (my sales guy took me up to 120)!  Nothing can explain the feeling.  He took this picture of me driving on I35, which doesn't top my 145.81 in my NASCAR Racing Experience.  

It is amazing how some things in life can scare you and some things just light your fire and empower you!  This exhilarating experience is absolutely wonderful!!!

In all seriousness, if I had money that could just be spent just because, I would buy me one, but I don't.  Besides, its not a practical car, even if I am only one person.  I do have lots of friends, and it only hauls two people, plus it only gets about 22mpg...I am getting 39mpg now.  The goal I have set for me financially is to have my house paid for by the 10 year mark, which means by March 2017!  I don't plan to ditch that goal...I want to keep this in focus.  Additionally, can you imagine driving up to my clients offices in a Corvette?  They would think that I was rolling in the dough and overcharging them.  Nope, not a chance of ruining getting me any more business.  

Maybe someday I will own one, but it's not time...yet.

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