Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reasons Why I LOVE being Single

So once again, I got misunderstood in my post 5 Reasons I am Single.  Someone said, you don't sound like you are truly happy being single.  I was like, what???  How could you mistake me.  Believe me, I am!  I just want to be open to "a God's Guy" [stealing Jaime Grace's catch phrase] if that is what He has planned for my life.

Since I got so misunderstood, here are a list of Reasons Why I LOVE being Single!!!
  • I can eat when I want and whatever I want.  If I want a stuffed Grilled Portabella Mushroom with Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese for dinner, I can.  If I want an Braeburn Apple, some Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese, and a handful of Pecans for dinner, I can.  I don't have to fix a steak and baked potato for the man of the house.  If I want to eat dinner at 5pm or 9pm, it is totally okay.  Nobody cares but my tummy.  If I don't want to cook because I am too tired, I don't have to beg to be taken out to dinner.  I just take myself out to dinner.  If the budget requires a cheap meal, I get a tostada from Taco Bell for $1.29.  If the budget has no constraints, I go where I want and more times than not, its for sushi!
  • If I am tired, I don't have to say "Hey babe, can we go home?".  I grab the car keys and hit the road.  And once I get home, I put the keys on my nightstand and crawl in, no wasting time getting there!
  • The full bed in my room is all mine.  I don't share it with anyone which means I get two synthetic down pillows for myself!!! One to put my head on and one to snuggle with!  Oh, and I can cuddle up with the covers up under my chin and not have to worry about "stealing them" from you.  And I only have one alarm to deal with...just mine, not yours too waking me up an hour earlier then I want to be up or me waking you up when you want to sleep in and be lazy.
  • I can sleep as long as I like without someone expecting me to cook them breakfast.  But if I want coffee in bed, I have to get up and make it first and then I can crawl back in!
  • When I am ready for lights out, there isn't "How much longer do you think you will read?"..or..."Can I turn the light out now?"
  • If I wanna go shopping...spend something with friends, I don't need to check your schedule, I just gotta coordinate with mine [which many times can be complicated enough]!
  • If I want music on, I put it on.  If I want quiet, I leave it off.  It doesn't matter what anyone else wants because there is nobody else to consult.  There is just me, myself, and I to contend with.
  • If I didn't do laundry and/or want to wear the same thing I wore yesterday, nobody knows and nobody cares because nobody saw me!
  • The mess?  Yah, there is nobody to fault but myself for the mess.  Nobody makes it messy except me and nobody cleans it up except me.  And, yah, I still have that pile business going on in my bedroom that my Mom detested.  I don't have to worry about if you will detest it too!  
  • Nobody to interrupt me when I spend time relaxing out by the pool.  [Except my cell phone, but I can choose to leave that in the house.]
  • I don't have to buy multiple types of shampoo & conditioner or wine [and everything else]...I can get JUST what I like.  Nobody else to please!
  • I can wear the colors and styles I like.  If you don't, you don't have to compliment me on my outfit.  If you are like my Mom and don't like black...well, it doesn't matter and I wear it anyways because black is Classy!
  • and a million more things that are benefits to being single.......but if a God's guy gets sent my way by God, I will adjust...I will reprogram. :)
The moral of my post?  Count your blessing if you are single, they are there!  Make a list if you don't believe me.  Reflect on the things you get to do that your married friends don't get to do.  Single Life is what you make of it!  Have courage and live it to the fullest, you don't know how long it will last.  And no, I don't believe it is "selfish" to enjoy the state of life you are experiencing now.  God created seasons in our lives.  Some last longer than others.  Some are harder than others.  Some have lasting impact.  But your journey will be only as courageous as you make it to be!

And if you aren't single...and you are married, count your blessings, you have a privilege to serve that special person, the love of your life, make the most of it, you never know when that might change!  Go give that person a hug and a kiss [right now].  Nobody said you would be married forever.  

Love like you mean it!!!


  1. Both of your posts on this subject made sense to me. The message in both was the same. If someone didn't get it (understand correctly) in the first one, is there hope they'll get it here?

  2. Darlene, I hope so! I hope by having more specific examples they get my heart and why I have this commitment to God. They may not, but sometimes you have to try more than once to get your message conveyed.