Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 2 in Franklin

Better luck at sleeping hotels with room darkening shades to perfect the sleeping experience!  

Went to the left today for my walk and boy did I get some leg workout!!!  I did a full hour walk and jog over several inclines.  If it would only benefit the rear end would I be happy, instead of only affecting my calves.  Hahahahahahah!  I know I have made great strides at this the past few years, but only by my extreme dedicated effort to my daily walking routine.

Used my $5 voucher from a second day in opting into the "green choice hanger".  Got a 20oz cold bottle of refreshing water and black cherry greek yogurt [not a fan of black cherry flavors, but it was my only option in this style of yogurt].

I participate in a EntreLeadership Facebook Group, along with other attendees that have done the EntreLeadership Master Series.  Leigh [I will leave off her last name for privacy sake] is the EntreLeadership Liaison and posts frequently to the page giving us updates, asking questions, and interacting.  She posted a link last week for an event that was held this last Friday online for an EntreLeadership Reunion of Q&A's for Master Series Alumni only.  I wanted to participate, but was booked all day with clients and since the notice was not far enough in advance for me to block the time and plan, I was only able to "like" the post.  I engage in the forum as often as I can.  Leigh sent me a private message hoping that I would be able to join them.  I responded after arriving in TN, letting her know that I hoped they had another one soon and that it would be in advance enough for me to plan and participate.  I went on to let her know that I was in town and that I was going to be coming over to take the tour of Financial Peace Plaza.  She responded enthusiastically that if I would let her know when I was coming, she would give me a personal tour.  Awwwhhhhh, what a sweetheart!  

me and Leigh 
me standing against the wall where people write their debt free statements, after screaming "I'm Debt Free" live on the Dave Ramsey Show...pretty impressive!

[BTW:  I became debt free, other than my house, July 2009
would love to scream do to this when I am 100% debt free, hopefully in 3.5 more years]

Financial Peace Plaza signage in the lobby
I then had lunch with Heather.  

Heather was one of the Dave Ramsey Team that I met when I attended EntreLeadership Master Series in Cancun Mexico November 2009.  We connected on Facebook and have stayed in touch some, though I have largely gotten to know her personally much more the last year or so.  When I had made plans to come to Franklin, I reached out asking if we could do dinner, she responded that she was pretty booked and might be able to do lunch.  I let her know if she didn't have the time, that I understood, but wanted to see her if possible.  We made plans to meet at Starbucks today and have 45 minutes together (she doesn't get a full hour for lunch).  The time with her was absolutely amazing and another God Moment in my courageous journey.  I will have to share the details in a post all of its own or this one will be a nightmare and you will never finish reading it.  :)  I regret that I did not get a picture of the two of us together to share with you...but hopefully I will have a second chance of that later in my trip.

From there, I decided I needed some more sushi, I didn't get my fix yesterday.  The place I went to was called Basil Asian Bistro and their presentation was amazing!!!

a lobster roll with spicy mayo sauce...and yes, that is a hollowed out lobster tail!
delicious squid salad
just check out the details of the straw wrapper!!!

I spent the afternoon swimming for about 30 minutes and then laying in my favorite spot below listening to the music and chilling out.  I took a notebook with me to work on some thoughts in preparation for my coaching sessions that start tomorrow...and to read more of my book, but I did very little of that.  I felt the need to spend the majority of the time saying:  No, I am not gonna do anything, I am going to just relax...something I really don't know how to do very well, but am desperately trying to learn, so I must practice!  

relaxation at its finest!

The rest of my evening will be spent in prayer, blogging, and being refreshed for my time the next two days with Chris LoCurto.

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