Monday, August 26, 2013

Heather's Story

I met Heather at the EntreLeadership Master Series I attended in Cancun Mexico November 2009.  Heather was one of Dave Ramsey's 10 Team Members that he brought there with him.  She was not one of the ones that I had a meal with or had any coaching sessions with, but we did chat some. 

When I returned, we connected on Facebook.  As usual with all my Facebook friends, I use it to interact and get to know them.  I like posts and I comment.  Some people are easier to do this with than others, because some post stuff for you to like and comment on!  

Heather and I haven't gotten to know each other real well, until the last year.  It started after a post about receiving my Dad's letter of apology November 2012.  She reached out again in June after one of my posts regarding counseling, after being a bit worried about me.  From there, the interaction has continued and she has opened up and shared more of her life with me...she has faced some horrific experiences also and can relate to what I am going through.  She has sent me a few private messages on  Facebook simply to encourage me in my journey and let me know that I can do this...and she has done just that.  She has been a HUGE encouragement!!! 

Heather and I met today over the lunch hour at Starbucks.  She only had a 45 minute lunch break, so it wasn't a real long time together, and of course it flew by!!!  We spent like 3 minutes [okay, that might be an exaggeration but it was very little of the time we had together] talking frivolous stuff, discussing her leaving The Lampo Group earlier this year, and then she launched in and started sharing with me more of her story.  I am not sure why I left my notebook in my car, I could have used it to write down the nuggets she poured out at me.  

She shared with me that she has been working through her story for the last 5 years.  She shared how God used certain people in her life and how things fell into line with the same Beth Moore Bible Study, Breaking Free, that I did last September 2012 - December 2012 with a group of ladies.  She shared how she had been given the book 4 years previously, but had never read it.  We both exclaimed how God's timing is always perfect and he knows what we need at the time we need it.  He is amazing!!!  She stated that she would not trade the years of pain for the 5 minutes of freedom.  She also shared how everyone told her that her issues were with God, and if she would just get that right, all the other stuff would go away or fall into place.  But in reality, God knew that she had to work through her circumstances first for her to learn the truth about him.

I have done my best to recap the nuggets she gave me from memory, but still feel like I am missing one or two.  I have a great memory, but even then, trying to remember all these things sometimes can be really tough.  Your mind starts wandering to absorb what you are hearing, to match it up to your own circumstances, to reflect and ponder on the nuggets you are hearing.

  • God will Break You Down and Tear You Apart but he will always Redeem and Restore you.  [For her, she states the first part happens one year and the second part happens the next year, consistently has.]
  • The hardest concept to grasp in stories like ours is that our stories matter.  We must believe that they do, even if we only believe it matters to God!
  • Go back to your earliest memory of that feeling and work forward.  Even if you can't remember the details or all of it, work with the feelings it brings.  [If she only knew how much I wish I couldn't remember or how much I do remember!]
  • People that can't accept your story in all likelihood somehow it has touched their life too personally and they aren't willing to face it.  Find people who will share their story with you, people who will be open and honest, people who want to hear your story.
  • The more you share your story, the more empowered you become.
  • You will always have to work at matching the lies in your head with truth.  It get's easier, but takes focused determination to learn truth.
  • Many people will not be able to relate to your utter dependence on God, just to be able to breath, literally.  [This made me tear up and break down right in front of her...she was so sweet and gave me a tissue...she needed to go, but didn't feel she could leave me like that...our time was limited, but it was rich!!! My God wanted me to hear what she had to say, our time was all part of my courageous journey and working through telling my story!]
It is amazing to me, that though Heather knows very little details of my story, how much she relates...

Thank You Heather for your part in my have blessed me!

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