Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 4 in Franklin

We were to begin Day 2 at 8.30am.  I arrived for Day 2, 15 minutes late.  I was struggling with lots of thoughts and feelings from the 1st Day of coaching and dragging physically from mental and emotional exhaustion.  Never having experienced something like this before, I had no expectations...even vaguely.

We chatted a bit at the kitchen bar over stuff.  Chris was amazed at the comments on my Facebook post, the number of supporters, the number of people who were praying for my time, the number of people who are involved in my life.  We reviewed them together.  We enjoyed a cup of French Press coffee and then headed back to the theatre room for the second part.

Before we began, Chris prayed for our time, prayed for him to help me, for me to learn what I needed to, praised God for his part in our lives and the love he has for each of us, and more.

We then launched in and reviewed the nuggets of things that impacted me, along with the lessons I learned from the day before.

Module 6
We created and reviewed a list of the Talent Heart Assessment.  What are your:
  • passions
  • needs
  • drives
  • obsessions
  • characteristics
  • qualities
  • yearnings
  • hopes (or expectations)
  • accomplishments
What is the message from these?
For Me:  My focus is to be generous and encouraging.  I'm driven to be different then my family.  I love turning chaos into clarity.  I desire a deeper relationship with God.  I have a drive to be generous and encouraging to make a difference in the lives of every person my life touches.

Module 7
We reviewed Thinking Wave Links:
In a Scale of 1-10, we rated how I relate to what feels the most comfortable to me with:
  • Risk
  • Change
  • Variables
  • Process
  • Ambiguity
  • Opportunity
1 being the least Risk and 10 being the most Risk.  You add these numbers up, divide them by 6 and then you are placed on a chart.  The chart has 5 categories:  Grinders, Minders, Keepers, Finders and Conceivers. This scale is done both personally and then in business.  You can't be off more than two points or you will crash and burn within 18 months if you stay there.  This was an intriguing exercise to me. 

For Me:  I am happy doing what I do, with some change, knocking things out, establishing processes.  I don't have to try to do new things, but enjoy some variety, but would burn out if my routine was exactly the same for 40 years.  I handle a lot of information and tasks, am happy to be alone, but really like having teams to work with.  I understand the need to lead and can do it well, but am not a natural born leader.

Module 8
We reviewed Internal Wiring:
What are your drivers vs what are your comfort zones?

Module 9
We created and reviewed My Replenishment Cycle:
When you are replenished, you are strong, face fears, you can do anything.  When you aren't replenished, you are worn down, tired, everything becomes difficult to do.

For Me:  
  • Alone Time/Pool Time
  • Prayer
  • Blogging
  • Sleep
  • Goals
  • Vacation

Module 10
We created and reviewed My Core Values:
Core Values are the things that you use to make decisions and filters.
For Me:
  • God
  • Love
  • Excellence
  • Strength
  • Discipline
  • Meaning
[These can change as your life changes].

Module 11
We brainstormed and made a list of nouns and verbs of items that "I exist because/to":

These things make My Life Purpose (why I exist).  
For Me: I exist to fulfill God's purpose by love, generosity, and encouragement.

These things create My Life Vision (where I am headed).  
For Me:  I'll be focused on God and impacting others with my story.

These things are My Life Strategies (how I will get there).  
For Me:  I will accept my story.  I will understand what and why to my story.  I will learn to share my story.  I will create a new belief system.  I will overwrite lies with truth.  I will have a deeper focus on God.  I will write a book.  

From this list, we made a list of things that fuel me (give me energy, keep me going, make me thrive) and things that are brake pedals (things that disable you completely, make you stop or shut you down, and thus create utter difficulty to move forward).  The goal is to increase the gas pedal and manage the brake.  The brake list is something you want to stay off of.  

This exercise was an incredible one for me!  Very eye opening.

Module 12
We then made a Life Perspective Filter:
This list contained a list of: What needs Action?  We took my list of 16 things and made it into 4.

Module 13
We then created a W.I.N.'s Wheel (What's Important Now):
This was made in the Life Domains:  Personal, Family, Career, Church and Community.

Module 14
We then created a Life Initiatives Profile:
What are the keys, objectives, next steps, start date and today's status of them [red, yellow or green].

For Me:  We found that I have a Big Time Life Change! Yet none of these changes are that difficult.

Module 15
We then created a Life Plan Accountability.  The list consists of:
  • Partner(s) = people who can handle all the information, all the details, keep you accountable, people who are smart, value you, and are willing to be that support to you
  • Mentor(s) = people who pour wisdom into you
  • Friend(s) = people who you like to be around that can be a friend to you [but are not considered partners and whom you may not share the same level of details with]
  • Protege(s) = people you pour into

Module 16
We created and reviewed specific Life Plan Learning's from my coaching session.  I had a list of 15 items.

I had 7 pages of notes from today's session.  There is a lot to absorb and work through both personally and in business.  I am someone who is a deep processor and Chris stated it will take time for me to put all this into perspective.

At the end of the session, I got to do a Video Testimonial for Chris with Melissa, his assistant. This will be used on his website soon along with other people who have done the LifePlan.  Chris invited me to stay for dinner and be apart of the shoot, which was really fun!!!  Chris made the yummiest Salmon and Kale Salad along with a Cab Wine.  I got to hang out with some of Chris' team and have a good conversation with Debbie, Chris' wife that I also met at EntreLeadership in 2009, out on the patio later!  I will share this in another post later.

I was the last one to leave at 9.30pm!  Before I left, I asked Chris a few more questions and we reviewed a few key points.  I then asked him to pray with me and Debbie before I headed out.

Love how God worked out all the details of these two days.  Loved seeing Him through this process.  He is amazing!!!

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