Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 5 in Franklin

The detailed plan for today was NONE.  The agenda was to become refreshed.  To refocus on becoming aligned within my Spirit from the work done the last two days.

I slept in...late, very late, later than I dreamed imaginable. Long past morning time for breakfast, or even a late breakfast.  I woke up still feeling exhausted, feeling the need to write what was on my heart and share my Day 2 of Coaching, but between the internet or blogger, or both, I couldn't seem to achieve it.  I finally decided to call it quits and go and tour Downtown Franklin.  

In getting ready, I quickly realized how starved I absolutely was.  It is really not good for me to go that long without food and if I don't fix it fast, I pay consequences for hours.  I remembered I had my leftover squid salad in the refrig in my room...but no spoon or fork. Searching around to see if I could possibly locate something to use, I got creative and used the two stir sticks in the room to be used for coffee as my wimpy chopsticks!  This was my breakfast...and it was delicious!!! and it was very soon that I was feeling much better.

In the midst, of this I had to deal with sibling drama being hurled at me.  Accusations.  Anger.  Frustration.  Blame.  Condemnation.  Guilt.  More Guilt.  Verbal abuse.  I tried to respond kindly and ask for space, but the response was only more of the same.  I felt my world changing, my day being torn apart, and once again and I knew this was not healthy for me.  

I needed space.  I needed quiet.  Why wasn't no good enough?  Because I wasn't making it be good enough.  You will give me space.  You will let me unplug from my computer, my phone, people, life, to do my coaching and spend time reflecting.  You will not control me.  You won't instill your negative thinking on me, however I will choose to be positive in spite of the things you are saying.  I realize what you are doing is not being loving towards me.  I can't and won't meet your expectations.  You will be kind.  You will be respectful.  I will not let you talk to me like this.  

Reminders from my coaching came through as I tried to deal with this: 
An abuser wants to control you...wants to break down the Misty that doesn't love her, the Misty that will beat herself down, the Misty that isn't able to receive compliments, the Misty that doesn't feel good enough... 
An abusers goal is to wear you down emotionally so you give in.

My sibling was succeeding.  I was frustrated.  The boundaries need to be set.  When was I going to change?  Now.  Right now.  I said it, it wasn't received, I hung up.  

Dear God!  I need your love.  I need your strength.  I need you to help me keep the vision.  I need you to show me my purpose.  I need to remember to fight the lies with truth.

Lyrics from some of my favorite songs pounded my heart.  My head.  The depths of my soul.  They bring life in the midst of fears.  Pain.  Chaos.

Not knowing what I wanted to do with my day, I decided to wander in my car and tour some housing districts.  I found some really cute places that I took pictures of.  From there I found a place to park for 4 hours for free and I meandered the shops on Main Street in Downtown Franklin.  I shopped two blocks of shops, both sides of the street and got two really cute items to add to my casa back in Burleson.  One of the shops that I spent a lot of time in was called The Iron Gate.  Love the decor of this place!!! A little bit of shabby chic, a little bit of modern, a little bit of classic, a little bit of french grey, and a fair amount of vintage.  What style is this I asked the shop owners?  They stated that it doesn't have a theme or name that they are aware of, its a mix.  And the mix is gorgeous!!!  I got the sign at one of the first few shops that I went in, called HeyDay.  They had cute gifts, candles, pictures, household decor, books, etc.  I loved the message on this sign and felt it would be a good reminder for me from the time spent in my Life Plan Coaching and the rest of my week spent in Franklin.  The very last shop I went in was called Philanthropy.  The experience I had in this shop was absolutely amazing!!! I will be doing a full post on this alone because it was unbelieveable and what this shop is doing is downright incredible.

From there I ate at a place called Gray's, it had just opened a few weeks ago and was getting great reviews.  It is expected to excel very quickly because of the service, the food, the uniqueness of the place.  I think I may have to go back for lunch tomorrow!

Gray's - Downtown Franklin

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