Monday, September 23, 2013

Counseling Session #15

I am not getting anywhere.  

I have no motivation to move to the next part of my story.  And I can't figure out why.

Today I was reminded to:

  • write down thoughts
  • work through feelings
  • look back and connect the emotions and realize it doesn't have influence in your life
We discussed the stresses in my life.  We discussed the need to balance the stress with Healthy Coping to rejuvenate and refresh me:

boundaries ~ enforce them, don't feel the need to get involved, to protect yourself, be intentional about your nutrition, take time to sleep, take care of you physically, decompress, knit for 15 min each day along with brain candy reading

balance ~ stick to deadlines, create stopping points, set time with girlfriends, put what can be on the back burner

Focus On:
  • Stressors and Self Care!
  • Choose not to stress about it...
  • God commands us to REST

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