Monday, September 23, 2013

[really] disappointing news

Remember me telling you that I won tickets from my coach, Chris LoCurto to an event coming up in a little over two weeks that he was going to be speaking at?  

Remember that I was one excited happy chic???  Yah, I was ONE HAPPY CHIC!!!

Why?  I was going to get to hear Seth Godin speak (until a week ago when he was removed from the lineup).  I was going to get to hear Chris LoCurto speak.  I was going to get to hear Deanna Robinson speak.  There were 27 other speakers set up to speak!!!  I know Seth and Chris, I have never met Deanna...I stumbled across her on Facebook and liked her business page, she sent me a personal friend request when she learned I was an EntreLeadership Alumni attendee...just two weeks before winning this ticket from Chris.  Accident?  No, that's not how my God works.

Well, today I got to be one frustrated, discourage, upset and disappointed chic.  For reals.  I got notified via email that the EWRoadtrip 2013 Event got canceled.  I had already been proactive and booked my airline ticket, two extra hotel nights (to make traveling accommodations better for me since the event went until 5pm the last day and to not fly home on Sunday, one of the most costly travel days in my search), along with a rental car.  Due to being the Miss Penny Pincher that I am, I had purchased non refundable, non transferable, non changeable stuff.  Yah, but it still was a lot of money!!!  $716.88 to be exact.  The email offered a $100 Visa Card as a voucher or to attend the event in 2014.  Hmmmmmmm...lose $616.88???  Not exactly a comforting thought.  

It's just money?  

No, it's not just money.  It's hard earned money, and I was going to be taking 6 days off work for this Business Conference, just 6 weeks after being gone to Franklin, TN for 10 days.  You think this wasn't a decision made with no impact on my clients?  It had great impact.  I felt it was something I should do.  I felt God wanted me to go. I felt it wasn't an accident that I got a free ticket.

But now it got what does that mean now God?

I don't know.  He does.  I don't.  But I also know I don't have to.  I just have to simply trust His plan.

I posted my situation on Facebook.  I then launched into and spent 3 hours pursuing options with Priceline...Expedia...emails to my calls to EWRoadtrip...

Deanna sent me a private message that read:  
"Please don't despair, there are a lot of us in your situation. If you'd like to talk, please reach out." and she included her phone number.  

I wrote her back:
"Oh are so kind!  I just don't understand God's plan in this...I won a ticket from Chris LoCurto and was one excited chic!!!  Now, its just so disappointing.  I will call."

I did just that.  I called her.  

Would the "old Misty" have done this?  No.  What makes you think some chic I have never met would have any "worthy input" for me?  I mean, she probably isn't a Christian for crying out loud.  And she doesn't believe like "us".  

That mentality is LONG GONE!  God has blown me away the last few years with the people he has brought into my path and on my journey.  I no longer look at life the way I used to.  Or people.

We talked 62 minutes and 33 seconds...but could have visited all night!!!  I shared with her my frustrations.  The feelings of excitement to have won a ticket and now to have the conference called off.  How I do not understanding God's plan in all this.  She believes crap happens and that this isn't necessary God's doing.  [Though that might be true...I am not sold on that topic.  It's something I am still studying out and will blog about more later, though I have some already.]  She shared her frustrations with this event and things she did anyways instead of listening to that still small voice inside of her that told her to back out.  She is having to learn hard lessons; she is getting zero back from this event.  She encouraged me if I am going to be offered any funds, to take what I can get, unless I want to make the trip, but encouraged me not to feel pressured into doing so.  This deal did not have to be canceled.  [Wow. Not the message I received from the host of the event.]  She referred excellent people to be speakers to this event, and now with the way things have turned out, feels like egg is on her face.  She shared short nuggets of her story with me, told me that she has even written Bible Studies, and encouraged me to Praise God in it!   She nudged me with a reminder, from sharing part of her story, to have the attitude she has developed through the things she has faced: "I get to..." not the negative things we think when things happen.  She told me about an event in January 2014 that she would highly recommend I go to for what I was looking for in this event.

A mistake all this is happening?  You think so?  So what's the chance of her seeing my post at the time she did?  Freak incident?  Really?  

Nope, not with my God!  He is in all the details.  Promise!!!  

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