Saturday, September 7, 2013

Josh & Elli's Wedding

my girlfriend, Elli & I on her special day!

Josh [in his United States Army Uniform to be deployed in October] with his Bride

the elated married couple...

The Bride & Groom's Dance

The Wedding Guest Book
we signed our names, wrote a note, highlighted a is mine!

the cake [on top] with cupcakes

the Marina [where the reception was held]

The Bridal Party

two sides
[I have seen this before, but in light of my girlfriends family dynamics, I found this message powerful]

they are married!!!

Josh prayed with Elli before the end of the ceremony [really cool prayer!]

The Bridesmaids

The Groomsmen

sharing vows

here comes the Bride!!!

excited flower girl

flower girl & ring bearer...throwing petals all the way down the isle

isle decorations

the wedding site...a field in Estes Park, Colorado
[wish I had gotten a picture with Gail, my new friend, the lady sitting

on the far right 2nd to last row]


  1. What a neat setting! Was it in Colorado? I sort of assumed so since you also have a picture of Shawn and Connie.

  2. Yes, the wedding was held in Estes Park, Colorado! It was beautiful!!!