Friday, September 20, 2013

story: Gods Love

Each of us have a story.  

Some of us live with the story deep inside of us, not willing to share it.  Some of us feel our story doesn't matter.  Some of us don't know we have a story.  Some of us have more painful ones than others.  Some of us don't feel our story has power...or will be a blessing.  

Some of us are willing to share our stories, with everyone, everywhere.  Today, I share a story from someone who has one of those stories.

I met Tim Love, back in June, through one of the networking Facebook forums I participate in, when he posted a request out that if anyone wanted to donate AC units, he would  meet them to get them and then install them for people in need.  I made an appointment to meet him at Home Depot and it was there that he shared part of his story with me as we stood comparing products.  I came away blessed by his testimony, thankful to have met a brother in Christ, unashamed of who he is, and encouraged by his love for God.  I wrote a post about this called do you believe with God ALL things are possible? because the message on his truck meant something to me.

Tim shared this video called Gods Love, this last week on his Facebook wall, with this as the caption: "My trash, Gods Love, Jesus Hand. I am Second!"  

As I am working through My Story and all the feelings that come from My Story, I realized it doesn't take that much time to share your story.  Tim's testimony is only 2:35 minutes long.  Yet, it has the full message, is very simple and conveys a clear message.  The message of Gods Love.

I wanted to share it with my blogging friends.  Be blessed by Tim Love's Story!

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