Tuesday, November 26, 2013

thoughts on fervent prayer [part 2]

If you are just catching this thread of thoughts on prayer, feel free to read the first post here.  In order to save it from turning into a book, I have posted additional thoughts in a part 2 today...because believe it or not, I have more...  

Since that time, my prayer life has grown. 

I do not feel ashamed to ask you to pray for me.  I don't care if you understand my prayer request.  It is specific to me and if you are a prayer warrior, you will pray. 

In any situation that I feel fear, pain, sorrow, grief, confusion, frustration, anger, resentment, hurt, disbelief, overwhelmed, defeated, like a failure, unsuccessful, backed in a corner...I pray.

In any situation that I feel blessed, grateful, joyful, excited, thrilled, loved, understood, cared for, benefited, wanted, brave...I pray.

I am learning what it means to pray.  Fervently pray.  Pray without ceasing.

But I don't just ask you to pray for me.  I also ask how I can pray for you.  I want you to know that your friendship, your life, your hurts are apart of me and I will pray for you.  I will be a friend and encourage you to be encouraged by the one who gives each of us life!

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