Wednesday, December 4, 2013

officially an author {in the works}

I attended a conference in November, over my 37th Birthday, the Michael Hyatt Platform Conference.

This is when I got the idea to buy the domain in my name, especially when I searched on my GoDaddy app and it was available!!!  I mean what sort of chance is there of that?  My name is not that unique.  

What would I use for?  Maybe I would purchase it just because?  Maybe I would move my blog to that from where it is?  Maybe I would use it for my book?  

I launched in and bought it November 11th. and

I regret that all my social media platforms aren't in this same format, but they aren't.  Without explaining to you all the details why I will tell you simply that some were with my middle initial and some were without.  I decided a few years ago to update them and make them all match and hence they all have the middle initial in them.  Facebook.  Twitter.  LinkedIn.  Pinterest.  Oh, the things you do and later regret.  Can't go back.  The plain version is taken.  Hence why I will have to be creative in my Author Facebook Page.  And I will have to brainstorm on how to make the other social media sites work now. 

One thing simple.  Other things complicated.

It has been a month since The Platform Conference and so I am moving forward with my announcement and working towards my goal of publishing my first book about my story!

I am truly in LOVE with all my fans...those who have encouraged me for years to write a book!!! 2013 is the year I began that process.  I am excited to be moving towards that one step at a time...never dreamed I would own a domain in my own name, but it's real.  I kinda have to pinch myself!  Stay tuned for updates on this process!

Thank You friends!

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