Friday, January 24, 2014

My Journal Nuggets from Day 2 of LiveBIG

Gerald Rogers
Be still.  We spend too much time rushing.  It's all a mirage to create do be more.

You are love.  You are peace.  You are enough.  You are joy.  You are gratitude.  Be in the peace of this stillness, in this moment, fully present.  When you are fully present there is no stress, lack, fear, need for more.  Only peace, love, happiness.  This gift is always available to you but can't be found by tracing the mirage.  Have full gratitude for the gift of the present.  Be content with what you have.  Rejoice in the way things are.  When you realize nothing is lacking...the world belongs to you.

You have everything you need to be whole.  You are not broken.  The space of pure gratitude (not of fear or lack or not good enough) is success.  

I am a Miracle.  Powerful.  Unlimited.  Joyful.  Creative.  Joy.  Abundance.  Possibility.  Excitement. Gratitude.  Passion of your Sacred Self.

Live in alignment with the truth.  You will forget who you are.  You will have to remind yourself.  Don't get frustrated with yourself.  Remind yourself create your tools to reprogram yourself.  Have courage to be open, authentic, loving.

Marci Lock
The power is in the present moment right now.  How do I move thru?  

There is no judgement in attachment.  I am who I am.  If I live out anything else then who I am, I am living a mask which is a slap in the face to God.

You are perfect now.  You have everything in you.  You get to create, pursue, believe what you deserve.  You can't be forced.  You have to chose.  If you want to experience life is hard, you can.  If you want to be awesome, you can.  You get to chose what you think about yourself.

Tools:  You are perfect.  Everything exists out of Fear or Love.  Love creates everything.  Fear creates limit and more fear.  

Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real

What if you learn to love everything you were taught to fear?

Everything is just feedback.  Whatever you think and believe you can achieve.  You will feel what you tell yourself.  Whatever you think or focus on you will experience.  What do I want to experience?  The fit of feedback helps you figure out what is working or not working to create improvement.  I am the creator.  What works?  Chose not to live in this story.  Take ownership.

It starts with a Thought.  Thought leads to Emotion.  Emotion leads to Perceptions/Behaviors.  Perceptions/Behaviors leads to Beliefs.

You believe 80% what you tell yourself...and only 20% what someone else tells you about yourself.  You either stop yourself or give into the emotion.  Pain is an action signal...when you feel fear, defense, a trigger created as a comfort zone.  Everything you want is just outside that comfort zone.  Listen to your ation signals.  When you are feeling only emotions that are not what you want to feel look at your action signal(s).  Clarity gives you the perspective to move forward.  You are the creator of your life and so when you realize that you have self revelation/self awareness...catch yourself in action to sabotage or a feeling that comes over you...move through it once you analyze.

Action Signal: 
1.  Awareness Feeling
2.  Why?
3.  What do I want?
4.  Perceive/Believe (NOW by taking action to change)
5.  Vibe Changer

Always get around to a solution.  Communicate authentically with what is going on.  This brings clarity.  Take ownership not a blame game which gives more negative feelings.  Ask the right questions to find the right solutions (to take action).  What just came up for you?  Ask for what you want!

Be open to everything, attached to nothing.  Be in peace and flow.  Create balance.  Motion creates emotions.  

We are living in the story of someday which really means never.

Everything shows up in your inner self worth.  What message are you telling the world?  What am I feeling?  What do I want to feel?  How do I give myself the feeling I want?

The Story you tell yourself...
Love yourself enough.  Fill you up.  1st.  Be in LOVE with you!!!  

Garden Hose Example

Everything is as easy or as hard as you want to make it.

Look in the mirror.  Be present.  Look yourself in the eyes.  You will never lose love if you love yourself.  I Love You!

Give yourself success.  Look for success (not failure).  Celebrate success.

Tony Litster
How do we sabotage ourselves?  Why do we self sabotage?  

We sabotage ourselves through four patterns that are automatic, not consciously thorught through:

  • Core Emotional Self Image
  • Inner Dialogue
  • Fears
  • Addictions
These create triggers based on emotions that dig you deeper into your fears that make you hide and want to escape.  Unexamined patterns will run us...when these moments happen at your worst, you can do it at your worst.  

Go to a place of self acceptance.  I Love and Accept Myself.  Examine without shame.  What do I want?  Create steps for new fruit.  Do you let the cycle run itself out of control like a whirlwind or do you let it move you?  Don't rationalize it.  Create connectedness with your crap.  Know this is your pattern.  Got back to focusing on creating new patterns.  Create affirmations.

{I asked Tony a question about how do you examine without shame.  I will share more about this in my personal journey at LiveBIG.}

Gerald Rogers
None of this matters if you don't lay a new foundation.  Instill new results.  It will be hard because you have all these past experiences.  You will get results.  Your mind is fighting to make your story true.  You achieve your goals all the time.  

Be a conscious creator.  A divine authentic self.  Live your purpose.  Be. See. Live.

Things you don't want to happen in your life...happen.  :)

Video:  Escalator

At some point in your life you were trained to be a reactor.  That's why we get stuck.  It affects you in every aspect of your life.  Be aware of how you are showing up.  The more you are aware, the more energy and power you will have.  There is no power in being a victim.

Your outer results will be a reflection of your interior beliefs.  You will create the reality.  Beliefs lead to Reality.

In seasons of change the learners will inherit the earth.  While the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

Have stories and beliefs that support you.  The perfection of imperfection.  In the mess we find meaning.  In meaning we find happiness.  Create your journey.  Have a vision of what's possible.

What do you want?  Dream.

Create a list of what I want.
One one side put the reason.  On the other put the antidote.

You can have reasons or results but you can't have both!

Its Your Story!!!

Create a list of reasons why I can't have this.

There are default ways of seeing or believing.  These are created by the time you are 5 years old.  Ever if the pathway is leading to a destination I don't want, its still a pattern.  See a possibility to visit a new place.  Your mind will always be drawn t what you know.  Be conscious about creating, believing, and focusing on your new path.  You have a whole list of excuses or reasons to validate your lies.  Challenge your lies.  What is the truth that will empower me?  Find the belief that works for you.

What is the truth?

When you align yourself to truth you create power.  Own the truth.  You are a powerful creator.  Create an antidote.  Just ask is that really true?  Challenge it.

Gerald Rogers
We listen through faulty filters...our own limiting beliefs.  This means you can't hear clearly the empowering belief.  We all have rules in our lives when this happens...then I am happy.  Those rules create a barrier for our happiness.  What rules have you created that aren't working in your life?  What rules are not allowing you to feel and be loved?  Create new powerful beliefs.

Tony Litster
Self Acceptance is the first step to be a pivotal game changer.  We then see the fruits we want.  If you want the harvest you have to do the get to try again next years harvest.

Two Options:
Conditional Acceptance = once I get my stuff together I can be okay with me
Total Acceptance = I have rules in place to accept myself as I am now

Well Being is in between these two natural law...this is how we get Well Being to be balance.  Are you out of alignment with natural law?  Anchor in a belief that serves you.  Accept yourself because of your worth.  Somehow Everyone Xists.  (Yes that is how he put it up there because it spells his favorite word).  The variables are astonishing.  Perfectly timed.  We value things because of scarcity.   My existence is worth celebrating.  I am a miracle.  I am a soul that has light and worth.

Marci Lock
Retrain your mind to not see the problem.  There is a huge benefit in small changes.  Get clear on the beliefs behind the behaviors.  Your body is your BEST enemy!  Even healthy food can work against you if your body can't absorb it.  Understand your body.  It is as easy or as hard as you want it to be.  What your doing by fighting is hard.

Mind. Body.  Abundant Life.

Do not burn muscle.  Working out before you eat burns muscle.  Supplements are required.  Ground should have 90 minerals but currently has 3.  Give it what it needs and it will build 66% more muscle.  Your Body is worth it...if you believe it.  Eat protein in the evening before bed helps build muscle at night.  Diets create fat storage.  If you can't do it for life you won't continue it.  Look at your lifestyle.  Sugar is an addiction.

Change from I don't have to, to I get to!  When the ego mind is forced it resists.  You never have to.  Its a choice!  If you see more pleasure in change you won't just see the pain and you will be more effective in the change.  Most of what we are taught is incorrect or we are not told anything.

Tony & Bri Litster
Muscle burns, tears and rebuilds.  Just like our life.

Rules of Relationships by modeling (parents, MTV, ChickFlix, Disney, Porn, Religion, Friends, Media) = zero...fantasy...a delusion.  How many people have a true loving and meaningful relationship?  The average relationship thrives for 18 months.

You need skills.  You have to study the skills.  

Guys think about sex every 7 seconds...woman every 3-4 days.  

Wounded.  Abused.  Physical Affection can cause someone to fear.

What was your contribution to the situation?  Have your head in the game.  It takes both people to work on the relationship.  Do the work now.  You will trigger each other...its painful to change.

Relationship Tools:
Fight Fair - one person takes the blame to get the other one to shut up (don't do this)...say I know you didn't mean to hurt me.  Set your boundary and do not let the violation happen.  You fight about things that weren't even the reason for the fight.  Use your diffusing technique:  diffuse the energy and separate yourself from the fight.  Validate them for being upset but ask to discuss rationally.  When you feel you are being attacked, you have to pull back.  The other person is not your enemy even if they are triggering something.

Woman were created to be selective with who they mated with.  They might not be able to support themselves.  Woman are designed to say no.  To engage a woman you need to let her talk about what is going on in her world.  She doesn't want you to fix it.  Guys stay away from the bulls eye.  Stimulate her mind.  Pick a time when she can unwind.  The touch needs to be gentle...a comforting touch.  Then pull away.  It will create desire.  Be alluring and attracting.  Tease if there is a reward.  Tease & Please.  

Allow your man to be your man.  Make him feel he is the super studdish man.  

Don't create a feeling that you want something.  You need her to emerge as a flower.  Honor her.  Create safety.  You can influence the romance of your relationship.

We each have our crap.  When injured or hurt, it will send you back to your camp.  Elaborate on your feelings.  What did it say about you?  I need you to never, never, never...  I need you to always, always, always...  Repeat back what they are thinking to validate their feelings.  Both people are triggered when they communicate.  If you can't honor the request, let them know and ask for something else.

Relationships are not perfect.  We can't always get them to do what we need them to do.  This allows you to get to that child that needs to be healed.  It helps understand why.  This allows you to grow.  You can't let someone love you when you don't love yourself and don't believe God loves you.

Gerald Rogers
Be easy to follow.  It's easy to be a follower.  Create momentum.  Nurture your 1st followers.  There is no movement without that 1st follower.  Show others how to follow.   Have the guts to stand up and dive in.  Each of you are a leader.

You are a child of God.  You were born to shine as children do.  Living small does not do you a favor.  Your example liberates those around.

I am a powerful creator.

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