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My Journal Nuggets from Day 3 of LiveBIG

Gerald Rogers
You do certain things through mastery and a recipe to get you engaged with your body, heart pumping, blood flowing.

5 Components to a Power Hour

1.  Exercise & Energize
One step at a time to achieve the change you want in your life and to obtain mastery with where you are, a little stronger each day.

2.  Gratitude
Breath Deep.  Gratitude is the key to happiness.  List what you are grateful for.  Allow the sense of gratitude to flow through you.  List things that you are thankful for outward now.  Deep breath in.

3.  Connect with God
You are not alone.  God wants you to succeed.  He wants to give you everything you want.  You just have to ask for it.  

Help me to: learn, overcome, give me the strength and courage, to say, to do, to work, have a vision, to stay true, to grow, be authentic, open, to serve, to love, remember the truth, have the power, stand, be bold, be an example, be a friend or lover, help me to heal, be courageous, lead me, help me be humble, etc. 

Feel the infinite divine connection with being a Son/Daughter of God.

4.  Affirmations
Remind myself of things I know.  Achieve and choose success. Breath in.  Breath out.  Focus on your breath.  

Breath Out:  Frustrations, fears, doubt, worry, limits, challenges that stop me, the lies, the negative thoughts.

Breath In:  love, power, hope, trust, energy, strength, peace, joy, calm, courage.  Stand clear and strong.  Lead with vision and power.  
I am a source of... 
I am confident and powerful...
My love...
Everyday I seek to grow and be a communicator and learner.  God bless me so that I can bless others.  I have one life to live and I chose to LiveBIG!

Create new neuropathways through recorded affirmations to reinforce these.

5.  Reconnect with Your Vision and Direction You are headed
What are your dreams?  Who do you want to become?  Imagine that you already have them.  Allow your mind to experience them. The excitement, gratitude, what to do.  See yourself as that person.  You will see 1 or 2 things today...take cation to where you want to be.  Feel it as it is already yours.  See the opportunity it makes you have, feel, be, do.  Look at what you need to do to create that abundance in your life.  See yourself taking these actions.  Experience what it is to live like this.  This is who you are!!!  This is the decision you need to make to live today.  This is reality.  This is who you are.  

The greatness I see in you...

Gerald Rogers
Have a purposeful living.  There will be unlimited excuses to keep you from living your choice.  Its your choice.  Use these tools on purpose.  IT will create more power and energy.  Are you worth it?  Live on purpose.  How do you live that?

Anthony Fowler
Align your conscious beliefs with your conscious desires.  Fight with your conscious and unconscious parts of your brain.  comfort Zones aren't very comfortable but they are familiar.

What do you want?  What's holding you back?  Figure out the lies you have believed your whole life. Delete the file.  Just like everything else you begin to do the things to achieve these goals.

Diagram of a Familiar Zone

We are all seeking meaning.  Create meaning.  We have events that make our story which creates meaning and our B.S. (Behavior Systems aka Bull Shit).

If you want to be good at something you must SUCK at it first.  Most of us don't want to suck.  We then ask questions?  Our grain is trained to answer our questions.  If you ask crappy questions you get crappy answers.

By Age 8 we now become self aware.  What matches with what doesn't match.  The moment a belief is formed, the scale tips.  You have a small delay in your brain.  When you experience fear or excitement, the feelings are the same, except the meaning you give it.  It's a choice.  You can assign a new meaning.  Two ways to do this:  Repetition or Intensity.  Disbelief triggers continue to be validated.  When you boil any energy down it is light.  Find the belief where it started.  Punch through your filter to change your belief. You will find a lot of them.  You can only achieve and attend to one at a time.  

Your neuropaths are frayed wires with splits going different ways.   When you clear the pathways, they disconnect.  Then you can never go there again.  Psychi is mind energy.  Your body is one giant cohesive unit.

Gerald Rogers
Every story in my life is divine to orchestrate the things God has for me in my life.  Live more fully and be the person you were created to be.  All the things that have happened in your life are for a reason.

You are great...
You are amazing...
You are inspiring...

Feed yourself who you are.  It's your choice to be that leader.  To be that friend.  I honor and respect who you are. I give you permission to be in your junk.  

You attract the energy vibrations that you are, you want, you desire.  

I don't need to be around those people who want to take me down.  Release them.  Block them.  Focus on what you want to create.

Surround yourself with like minded people.  Build your tribe.

Soul Purpose:
Our purpose is something we chose.  It also chooses us.  Everyday there are clues.  I chose to live my purpose today.  When you are living on purpose you have clarity of mind.  When you live your purpose it all comes naturally.  It's way more fulfilling.  IT takes energy but it also energizes.  One form of work puts out but one takes in and out.

Questions to ask:
What are the clues around you?
Where do you spend your time?
What do you enjoy (InJoy) doing?
What are my talents?
What are you excited about?
What is the feedback you are getting?  
What advice do people ask me for?
What is giving you resistance?
What are the challenges that I have faced?
What do I want to learn about?  
What do I get intrigued by?
What do I like to educate myself on?
What is your internal resistance?
What are your/the distraction preventing you?
What gives you enthusiasm?
What do you want to serve?
Would you do this if you didn't get paid?
What are the problems I want to solve?
Are you willing to learn?

I am willing to do the work but I want God to direct me.  Start walking down the path.  Anything you try to do that you have never done before will create fear.  Test the fear.  Test the feelings.  Listen to the nudges.  It isn't easy.  We signed up for the path of greatest growth and fun.  What causes you to grow?  On this path of learning?

Entheuo = Living In & With God

It's defined by what brings me JOY and how I can SERVE others...and let's you grow/create growth.  When in alignment with this you are living your soul purpose.

What are the clues to if I am living my life purpose?

How do you live this on purpose?  How does it show up in your daily life?  What is one simple action I can take every day?  Create momentum and take ONE small action. The results compound themselves. How can I be 1% better today?  Erase your challenges.

Share it with others.  Ask for help.  You need someone who is great where you are weak.

The only thing that stands between you and your dreams are the conversations you aren't willing to have.

It doesn't matter where you work but how you work.  You are solving problems for others.  Help them make their/your life better.  You can do this and make money.  Business is solving problems for profit.  Create and don't settle.  Chose what you want to learn and pursue that.  Take full accountability with learning.  The real game of life is learning how to live life...well...and to learn how to learn.  Sales is nothing more than leading them to what they want.  Sales is something each of us do.

Marketing. Sales. System.  Live in the space of certainty.

What is your why that drives you?  Why is it worthy?  If your why is strong enough, you can overcome anything.  Why is that important to you?  I want to be/see a man/woman who lives and talks what he/she believes.  What is your why?  What is going to motivate you to push through?

Video: 212*
1* separates the good from the great.  It's your life.  Attitude. Kindness.  Belief.  Focus.  Perseverance.

What will push you another degree?  If your dreams are important to you, you need to have a support system.  Have the accountability to take you through with the tools to live your dreams, to move forward.  Less than 5% of people will.  

The Mindset creates The Skillset

All your goals and achievements come from new patterns...create a new subconscious belief(s).  Release the scarcity...gain unlimited confidence.  Rewrite your story.

Video:  Why do we need coaches?
Your attitude is just like your heart.  Keep moving.  Give your very best.  Don't quit.  It's not too hard.  Don't quit on me.  If you can walk around defeated so will we.  Count me in.

On a scale of 1 to 10, are you committed to getting results?  If you are committed, at a level will find a way to be resourceful.  How committed are you?  Until one is committed, there is hesitancy to hold back.

Tony Litster
Two Things:
1. Better Story
2.  Create in alignment with Natural Law

Video:  Make a Plan, Believe in Yourself, Follow Through
You feel discomfort when its against natural law.

To create Well Being
1.  Body
Our total internal processes start in our body.  Slow it down.  This leads to addiction if kept ramped up.  Learn how to turn it all the way on and all the way off.  Learn how to feed it.  It will regenerate itself.  Learn to rest it. Learn to move it.  Resistance creates strength.

2.  Mind
Eliminate shame.  Slow the chatter.  Replace it with what you want.  Shift your focus.  Resistance creates fear.  The 4 Patterns of Self Sabotage are very prevalent in our mind.  We must be willing to replace.

3.  Spirit
Learn to get still.  Be still and know that I am God.  We get intuition this way.

4.  Stress Management
Stress creates a strain on our nervous system.  Then we crave adrenaline.  We wake up and experience fight of flight encounters.  We then face the stresses of the day.  We experience a crash...need for more caffeine.  We rush home very exhausted from our day.  When then want more adrenaline.  You need activity and then rest.  Sleep.  Meditation.  This releases the stress on the nervous system.  Choose to effective reduce your stress or continue your addiction.  

We have a tendency to over complicate things.  It has to be simple.  Something you can do consistently every day...even on your worst day.

Affirmations to refocus and reinforce the statements.

At each meditation, approach as a new experience for the first time.  No distractions.  Don't make it wrong.  Let it happen as it happens.  You are unlocking what's in your brain.  Don't do it for hours and hours...we can't handle it, the results from what we learn.  It allows us to listen to the chaos and noise.

Meditation Process:
Close your eyes.  Take a few breaths.  Whatever is going on in your mind will come out.  Don't make it perfect.  It's not wrong.  Effortlessly switch your focus.  Don't fight just bring yourself back.  Your brain knows what to do with this.

The Art of Surrender:  Want it to go away?  Don't care if it does.

You will develop more space when you slow down.  When you give yourself something to think about you release the other clutter going on in your mind.

Brain Change:  
30 Days to develop a new Neural Pathway
90 Days to develop a new Primary Pathway

Your plan has to be in alignment with these.  

Water, Weed, Repeat
reinforce to change faster and let go of what you can't control and keep what you can...purposely create the skills

The Natural Law of Money = increase the value of what you bring to the table and/or increase quantity (the law of exchange)

Video: It's not about the Nail

Gerald Rogers
What does it mean to LiveBIG?  Live life on your own terms.  Why do you struggle?  Look at your internal blocks and beliefs to let you live BIG?!!!  

Cleanse and let your purpose.  Receive confirmation to accept yourself and let go of your fears, junk and beliefs.  You get to choose to rewrite your story!  Be Brave and Be Courageous to live in your body, mind and spirit.

Your entire life is the ability to be a conscious creator.  What will stop you?  Fear.  A core fear of judgement, rejection, shame, etc.  This causes you to show up really shy.  Think about how your fears come up to sabotage you.  What is your rejection triggers?  What do they mean?  Are you willing to fear and do something anyways?  What is the fear that has been sabotaging you?

Exercise with an Arrow
The arrow is the metaphor of the fears that are holding you back.  How has this fear held you back?

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