Friday, January 10, 2014

Reflections on Girl with No Fingers

I have all my fingers.  All my toes.  My eyes.  My arms.  My legs.  My hands.  My feet. 

I have been given an intellectual ability to learn.  I am not stupid.  

I am a fully functional adult with no deformities.  Do I have some health issues that sometimes prevent me from doing things I want?  Yes.  

Yet this girl in this video can play the piano with no fingers on her right hand.  And she can play it better than I can!  

If this was you, would you let this stop you?  

If this was me, would I let this stop me?  

Maybe you are still letting something stop you from being what you can be.  Don't let the excuses in your head stop you from doing what you can today for you.  For someone else.  

Be encouraged!

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