Friday, January 10, 2014

why I accepted the #my500words challenge

Those of you that are my blogger followers may be wondering why I am blogging daily when I haven't before.  

You may be overwhelmed by the daily blog posts.  I can understand.  Feel free to delete if you are a subscriber  Feel free to not read if the title post doesn't intrigue you.  Feel free to not feel pressured to join me on my journey to dig deeper into blogging, writing, communicating, and sharing of thoughts.

Someone said, you already write so well, why do you feel the need to do this?  That is one persons opinion.  You too may be questioning why I have accepted the #my500words challenge by Jeff Goins.

First, I met Jeff Goins at The Platform Conference, the conference I went to over my birthday, November 2013 in Dallas that was put on by Michael Hyatt.  This conference is what encouraged and prompted me to buy a domain for my author platform.  This conference is what encouraged me to really move forward with a deadline to publish my book.  This conference is what made me realize I had a dream of being a writer.

So, when Jeff Goins put on Facebook (probably on his blog too, but I haven't read all his posts) to challenge those that write to do so daily and to write 500 words, I signed up.  There was criteria to be met, but really very few rules, and simple accountability.  This was an uncomplicated goal and it inspired me to do it.

Here is why I accepted the #my500words challenge:  

  • I want to meet my goal this year to complete my first book.
  • I want to do better at writing.
  • In order to do anything better, it takes practice.  And more practice.  And yet, even more practice.
  • I could keep my practicing and what I write outside of my blog, but then you wouldn't be able to share in what I write.  You also would not see the improvement.  You would not be able to encourage me along the way.  You also wouldn't be a reason to keep me accountable.
  • I want to learn more about writing.
  • I want to expand on the thoughts I blog about.
  • I want to learn from other bloggers.
  • I want to be apart of your life and share in your journey.
  • Writing challenges me.
  • Writing makes me feel vulnerable and forces me to tear down walls and face my fears.
  • Writing inspires me.
  • Writing helps me look back and reflect to look forward and have hope.
  • Writing connects me with you.
So there you have the reasons why I decided to move forward with participating in this #my500words challenge for the month of January 2014.  I am 10 days/one third of the way into this challenge.  Some days I wonder what I am going to write about.  Some days I decide whatever comes first to my mind is the topic.  This has been an amazing thing to do because it forces me to write about something that may not be the very top thing on my heart and mind, but it makes me push through which is exactly what I need to be doing.

Want to join me?

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