Friday, January 3, 2014

uniqueness of weddings & people

Today, I have been involved in wedding preparations for a girlfriend.  Creating the atmosphere into a romantic elegant display of pretty things.  Mirrors, white, satin ribbon, flowers, wreaths, bows, lights.  

It made me think of how each of things on their own are pretty but do not create the same sense of pretty when they are combined.  It is amazing how all these things when combined together, how much of an elegant and beautiful display it creates, how it evokes the ambiance of a wedding.  All these things listed aren't necessary required to have a pretty wedding, but each of them bring prettiness.

It made me think about how each of us our unique, one of us might have pretty eyes or pretty hair, but when it is put together with our skin, our mouth, our arms, our legs, we are pretty.  Really very pretty.  The combination creates a uniqueness that cannot be changed or made to look like another. 

Just as each wedding is unique...each of us is unique.

Cool, huh?

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