Thursday, February 27, 2014

a {love me} nugget from LiveBIG

I recounted my full LiveBIG experience to you.  All my notes.  All my thoughts.  How I took the things I was experiencing during the conference as lessons and challenges and learning tools.  As I continue to work through this information and develop my tools, I want to share with you some of the biggest nuggets I got out of the experience.

In working with Tony, Gerald and Marci, I learned much about what it means to Love You. You being yourself.  For who you are.  Your bright shiny side and your dark shadow side.  To accept that who you are right now as perfect.  You are you and nobody can be you.  The experiences you have faced in your life have made you to be who you are and if you take those things away, you are no longer you.  You are unique.  Love you.

Some of that made sense to me.  I know you aren't me.  I know you haven't had my life and I know you can't live my life.  But love me???  Believe I am perfect the way I am?  Believe my dark side, the not so cool things about me are lovable?  Unbelievable.  Who would love someone with ugly stuff?  I mean Jesus does, but to expect that you do?  Or that I do of myself? Not a chance.

I have been ingrained to live a life of JOY = Jesus and Others and You.  You are last.  You are not important.  You don't matter.  But through this process the last month, but I know have learned that in order to truly live and love life, you have to love you.  In order to have something to give you have to nourish yourself.  In order to appreciate what others see in you, you have to appreciate you.  You have to start with you.

But how do you love you when everything you have been taught is to hate you?  That you, your heart, your desires are above all deceitful and desperately wicked?  When you have been made to feel you is awful?  That you should be crucified?  That you is no longer worthy?  That you no longer have a position in the family?  That you are used goods?  That you are unloveable?

You have to change and believe that God doesn't hate you and therefore you shouldn't hate you.

You have to change and believe you are worthy of love because God in his love made you worthy.  

You have to change and believe that you are complete because God's love makes you complete. 

You have to change and believe that you are renewed because God's love renews your spirit. 

You have to change and believe you are healed because God's love is the healing power.  

You have to change and believe the truth because God's love is the truth.  

You have to change and believe you are perfect because God's love makes you perfect.

You have to change and believe you are loved because God's love makes you loved.

How do you understand God's love?  I say its hard.  The depth of God's love is beyond what we can understand when we try to with our minds.  But does that mean we can't understand it to any level?  Does it mean that we shouldn't accept the love we do understand because we can't make sense of ALL of God's love?

Does God expect you to be perfect before He can love you?  So why do we expect ourselves to be perfect before we can love us?  You are perfect because God made you that way.  He took all the pain so you could be healed.  He took all the scars so you could be free of the responsibility for them.  How could you not love this love?

Love.  Love that begins by loving yourself.  Look in the mirror and say "I Love You", I really fully, deeply, unconditionally love you, who you are, radical love and self acceptance.  This loves comes when we see ourselves the way God sees us.  When we make it a deep abiding love in your soul, for who you are.  This allows you to give love, to love unconditionally.  Give love unconditionally for who you are.  This is a love journey.  Tell yourself that you see you for your greatness.  Believe in yourself.  Create moments.  To share.  You are brilliant.  A deep brilliance.  Divine.  Perfect.  Child of God.   Gift to the world.  Shine.  Shine brightly.  Shine fiercely.  Love openly.  Love courageously. 

Please Note:  The credit from this last paragraph goes to my coach...these are things he has told me and I have made notes.  I share with you because I want you to love you!  I want to love me!

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