Monday, February 17, 2014

C ~ G ~ L

Courageous  ~  Generous  ~  Loving

These are readers digest books, cut out into letters.  I found them while shopping this weekend with Anna at Anthropologie.  I debated about purchasing them because they were $20 each...and I felt that was pricey (yes, pricey store has pricey things).  

In the end, I decided I needed them and they would be a part of my therapy in working through a new belief system and creating a powerful message about Who I Am.  

I am going to create little reminders in my home, on the mirror in my bathroom, in my office, in my bedroom, in the living room on top of my piano.  Things that help me remember, that I am a Courageous Generous Loving Woman!  I will remind myself so that my soul is encouraged and my heart believes.

What ways are you reinforcing Who YOU Are?

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  1. Cute! I also saw these at Anthro, I (maybe foolishly) decided I could make these myself. Now I have a big stack at home, we'll see…they are pretty!