Tuesday, February 18, 2014

a lesson in fun from LiveBIG

So I am a workaholic.  Admittedly.

This is a known fact.  One that I am working desperately to change, but seem to continually battle.  How do you get ahead and cut back?  How do you learn more and cut back?  How do you grow a business and cut back?  How do you find balance when you truly love to work?  How do you delegate when it seems nobody does it like you do?  How do you???

Tony, Gerald & Marci made us all have some fun in the midst of our grueling work.  

The first night we did a personality test to put us as a Warrior, Oracle, Visionary or Healer.  We then were moved into the group that we were the strongest in and did a group task about personalities, making a list of all our traits, interacting with other like minded people just like us.  Learning more about who we are, what our characteristics are like.  The good, the bad, the awesome, the not so cool.  We then had a group discussion about it and got to share insights about us with others up front in front of the other personality types.  It truly was fun.  We all learned stuff.

The second night they asked if we had fun and had us make a list of traits and characteristics of what fun brought and what it looked like.  We then were divided into groups and made to do a skit and it had to relate to LiveBIG.  If you know me, this is not my strong point.  I do well with teaching, with math, with fixing problems, but acting out and being a goof ball, ummmmmmm, not so much.  My group sat there unable to come up with ideas.  Our 15 minutes was on the countdown quickly to get our game plan together.  At less than 5 minutes to go, I was like "Peeps, we got to get this in gear!"  I told my buddy, one of the girls in my group, that this was so not my thing and I couldn't wait until it was over.  She said, "I know, but you will do great."  Ugh, she doesn't know how much I hate this kind of thing. I feel so out of my element. I feel so utterly stupid.  Slowly the details started coming and we had our skit.  We were not the first to be "on stage" and so we got to see some of the other groups.  If I remember correctly, there were I think 6 groups.  Each group did a great job at representing some nugget or lesson we all were taught during the LiveBIG event.  Each group had their own way of making that message get conveyed and most of them were hilarious.  By the end of the night, we all were laughing hysterically.  These people truly had fun.  Mocking, mimicking, teasing, laughing, impersonating, reflecting and acting as Tony, Gerald and Marci!!!  It was absolutely amazing to see the skill set people have and the things they can come up with.  Truly hilarious.

The third night we had our graduation ceremony, everyone in a circle, arms connected, deeply appreciating the journey we had been on with each other.  It was an happy emotional party time experience for me.  These friends had been with me for 3 days on my courageous journey.  They had loved me.  They had supported me.  They had encouraged me.  They had admired me.  They had praised me.  They had been with me in my pain.

Every night there was a dance party if you wanted to join with upbeat music that made you happy.  Some people stayed and some people left.  I joined in the first night until my asthma had me coughing until I couldn't stop and it was time to call it a night.  The second night, I was coughing before we ever got started because of laughing so hard during the skits that I just stood and chatted with friends until I felt it was time to take myself to bed tired self to bed.

LiveBIG taught me...no matter how tough life gets, you need to have fun.  No matter how hard something is, you need to laugh.  No matter what you think you can or can't do, you can find a way to have fun.  No matter what you are facing, there is always room for fun.

#LiveBIG my friends

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