Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Am Poem

I Am
by Misty W Gilbert

I am a Courageous, Generous, and Loving woman
Whose heart is authentic
Who lives life determined beyond measure
Whose smile holds beauty
With an intensity that can't be missed.

I am a Princess of the One True King

Whose generosity runs deep
Who is loved beyond measure
Whose presence gives me strength
With an abundant faith to run this race.

I am Beautiful

Whose true self can't be hid
Who shines through the ashes
Whose experiences brought darkness, challenges, and pain
With an ability to understand the hurting.

I am Powerful
Whose life experiences nobody would want
Who has been successful in spite of the hand dealt in life
Whose passion to find the truth has brought increased strength
With a sincere desire to connect with everyone my life touches.

I am rewriting My Story

Whose fears have been locked deep in my heart
Who is living down the promise to never share the true story
Whose belief system was faulty
With experiences that have shaped me to be who I am today.

I am going to LiveBIG

Whose fears will be faced
Who has a story to share
Whose life really matters
Who loves you for you!

I am a Courageous, Generous and Loving woman
Whose courage will inspire you
Who generously gives what she wished she had received
Whose journey is to make a difference
Who will lead with love and courage.

...I say, be courageous, be generous, be loving...LiveBIG!

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