Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Am Poem

I Am
by Misty W Gilbert

I am a Courageous, Generous, Loving woman.
am created in God's image.
I am the Princess of The King.
I am a Daughter of Light.
I am a Friend of God.

I am made Pure as Gold.
I am White as Snow.
I am Bright as the Blue Sky above.
I am Clear as the Caribbean Sea.
I am Priceless like Diamonds.

I am Loved Beyond Measure.
I am Forgiven Much.
I am Redeemed to the Core.
I am Restored and Made New.
I am Worthy.

I am Treasured.
I am Chosen to be with God.
I am Bought with a Price.
I am Connected to the Most High.
I am Made to be Great.

I am Alive.
I am Passionate.
I am Full of Love.
I am Destined to do Great Things.
I am going to Be who I was created to be.

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