Friday, February 14, 2014

I Love You Poem

I Love You
by Misty W Gilbert

Those people in my inner circle.
Made up of friends, clients, neighbors.
Who have chosen to love me for me.
Who inspire me to be more than I have ever been.
Who believe in me when I don't believe in myself.
Who encourage, support and strengthen me.
You are the healer of my soul.

Those people in my outer circle.
Made up of all those who have shoved me out.  
Who won't give me a place deep in your heart.  
Who tell me I am not wanted, worthy or loved.  
Who have given me great pain.
Who have made me who I am.
You are the motivation to why I love.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.  
Made up of moments and years of memories.
You let me share my life with you.
You are a piece of my courageous journey.
You are threaded around my soul.
You are my inspiration.
You are my world and I love you!

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