Thursday, February 13, 2014

why I asked questions from LiveBIG Attendees

When I was at my LiveBIG Conference, I would ask each person I talked to if they wanted to share with me a nugget or takeaway from the conference, a highlight, something that they felt was really insightful or made the greatest impact.

I always ask questions.  Of my friends, my clients, of my own life.

And I always do this when I am attending a conference.  I love to learn.  I love to hear what someone else heard or took away as a gold nugget.  I might have missed something that was said, an analogy, a principal, a thought. I might not have gotten the message they received.  I might not have thought of it from the angle they did.  I might not see what they saw.  Either way, I find it insightful.

As usual, I would get responses like:
  • Wow, its been such a great conference, I am not sure.
  • Thats a hard question Misty, you really ask tough ones don't you?
  • I don't think I have just one or two nuggets, how could I pick?
  • I am on overload, I don't think I will be able to answer that for a few weeks.
  • Let me think about it and I will get back to you.
  • I don't know, what about you?

I always told each person that I agreed it was a great conference and there was a lot to absorb.  

I would always say that I didn't mean to put them on the spot by asking the tough questions, I just think questions help us find answers.  

I would always say that if you have more than a few, that's okay, I will take however many there are...and likewise if you only have one, that is great too.  Just share whatever comes to mind.  

I would say that I can relate to being on overload.  It takes time to process the stuff we have going on in our heads, our hearts, and our lives.  

I would always say that they could take their time and get back to me.  I would love the feedback whenever it happens.  

I would always share for me what the nugget was for that day and for the whole conference what I felt my top nugget was.  I also might share what I felt I needed to reflect on more or was struggling with.  

Some people engage in this...and some don't.  The responses I got are typically how it always is.  But I don't stop.  I want to push you forward.  

I want you to grow.  I want you to plant a new seed and for it to take root.  If you have previously planted, I want you to take the refreshing water you are being fed to help you grow deeper roots.  If you are alive and overall healthy, I want you to cut off the dead branch and grow stronger ones.  If you are stable and strong, I want to see more fruit.  I want to see the strength you give others through your strong branches.  

I will continue to ask the tough questions.  As one of my clients state, its what I do best.

So...if you have followed my LiveBIG blog posts...
  • What to you is the one (or two or three) nuggets or takeaways that you have gleaned from what I have shared?  
  • What one thing has truly impacted your world?  
  • What one thing do you want to change?  
  • What one thing has left you with more questions than answers?  
  • What is one fear that you are willing to face?
  • What is your belief system?  
  • What are you doing to create and be a positive creator?
I would love to hear from you!  

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