Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Day Wknd

I had plans to have dinner with friends.  They canceled.  I didn't search for new plans. I decided to go with the flow and have an evening at home...

Until I got a text from Kara asking what I was up to.  Roger was working and she wanted Happy Hour at On The Border.  I promised to join her after my session of Acupuncture.

Kara and Me
I then went and got groceries.  Home to sweep and mop the kitchen, living room and hallways to prepare for Anna to arrive.

Red Tulip Flowers and Present for Anna

She finally arrived.  We stayed up late chatting...and exchanged gifts.  She made me something really cool!

We slept in on Saturday Morning.  We visited and then I made us breakfast:  Sweet Potato Hashbrowns, Fried Eggs and Turkey Bacon.

We chatted and shared stories.  We discussed the things we have experienced on our journey.  She wanted to know more of my story and I shared it.  We discussed struggles. We discussed the growth we both have experienced the last year through the things our journey has brought our way.  

We then went to go shopping at one of my favorite stores, Simple Things.  I bought two clocks to bring my clock collection up to match my age, 37 of them now in my collection! 

Anna and Me shopping
{please forgive me...I don't take good selfies}
From there we went to the University Shopping Center and went to Anthropologie, Pottery Barn and White House Black Market.  Then we were starved and we went to Hoffbrau Steakhouse for dinner.  

We enjoyed the Texas sky on the drive home after dinner! These pictures truly don't do it justice...the colors were vivid and amazing!!!

We watched some Winter Olympics at home, Anna cozy on the couch with her throw she purchased from Pottery Barn and me sitting cozy in the club chair in the living room between jumping up and checking my eBay bids and Facebook posts.

Sunday we went to church, the Fort Worth Campus of the place she attends in Oklahoma, and enjoyed some great worship music and message.  The songs today were just beautiful!

We came home and I fixed us some lunch.  Grilled pork chops, brussel sprouts, sauteed mushrooms and asparagus.

The rest of the day we were lazy.  Visiting...sitting around until we made plans to watch the Nicholas Sparks movie called Safe Haven.  We were about 30 minutes into it when one of my LiveBIG Friends called me.  Anna continued watching it by herself and finished it.  Once I was done with my call, I then restarted it where I left off and she watched it again with me.  

Anna went to visit other friends and I did blogging, caught up on some articles online, did my weekly Buddy call, washed dishes and prayed for some friends.

The weekend was lovely.  Anna and I both struggle with feeling good enough and taking care of us (otherwise known as "me").  We made strides at this this weekend with me spoiling her, something that is hard for her to let someone do...and me not working but one hour the entire weekend and taking time to relax!  We both spent money on ourselves, and not necessarily needed or practical stuff, but fun stuff that we wanted.  

It was a great 2014 Valentines Day Weekend!

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