Tuesday, May 20, 2014

prayers for me in dating...

Those of you who are my friends and know me, know that I live authentically and live courageously with a determined spirit. Today, I am gonna be very vulnerable and share with you what I am facing in my life: 

Dating is making me learn more, a bunch more, about me. It is making me ask some really hard questions, of myself. It is making me dig deep for answers that are difficult. It is forcing me to communicate with men on a different level and learn to understand their language outside of a business zone. It is triggering things in me and making me face my walls, the pain and trauma of my childhood, it is making me feel vulnerable, it is bringing up my fears, allowing me to face feelings I have kept guarded, it is triggering emotions and memories. Dating is teaching me lessons. In doing so, I have reached out for help so that I can process and heal and allow growth in me to happen. Dating is scary and at the same time can be a whole bunch of fun. I only pray that with each guy that has come into my world, that I have made an impact in his life that is positive and helpful to him on his journey, even if we can't be friends and even if we aren't meant to pursue a deeper relationship with each other. My heart wants you to see God in me and to love and support everyone my life touches, no matter who you are!

I request your ongoing fervent prayers for me! Prayers that through all of this I can not lose heart to be who God wants me to be and continue on my courageous journey to #BeCourageous#BeGenerous#BeLoving, and#LiveBIG. Thank YOU to each of you who are supporting me in this endeavor. Your friendship, love and support mean the absolute world to me!!!

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