Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dating Questions: What Do You Want?

I have been asked what do I want in a Man.

What do I want?  I want what every woman wants in a man.  It is not hard.

I want a Man who loves God.  With his whole heart.  

I want a man who strives for excellence in all areas and creates a positive outlook on life.  

I want a man who wants me.  Who will tell me he wants me.  Who will show me that he wants me.  Who is serious about a relationship.  Not just messing around with the idea of having one.  

Who will call me on the phone.  Who wants to hear my voice.  Not just because he has a missed call from me.  

Who will take me out on dates.  Who will make a plan.  Who will take charge when its time to take charge.  

Who will apologize when wrong and make efforts to change.

Who will open the door and treat me like a lady.  

Who doesn't hide me from his family and friends.  

Who will create conversation.  Who will open up and be authentic with me to the same level I am with him.  Who will share his ideas, his dreams and his fears with me.  

Who will get to know me.  Who will pursue me.  Completely.  

Who will invest in me.  Who will let me invest in him.  

Who will tell me what he wants without fear.  Who will listen.  Who will attempt to understand and even when he can't or doesn't, will at least be open to listening anyways.  

Who is clear on his wants, goals, future, and desires in a spouse/relationship.  

Who will be a man, an all around true man.

A man may not be perfect in all these areas.  How he responds to conflict, how he follows through with the things he says he will do, and what he does to establish a relationship and connection with me will tell me whether he is someone that I can be in a relationship with.

The other things are attributes and characteristics that I want in a Man are personal preferences and tastes.  And some of them may or may not be that important.  The important things, are the ones that are the deal breakers and those are the things that I will keep in focus.

This is what I want and this is what I will aim to have.  Nothing less than an excellent relationship focused on growing and loving each other.

What do you want in a Man?  Have you given it thought?  

I am reminded that we get what we pursue and focus on.  Dating is no different.

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