Monday, December 29, 2014

do your best

You have days when it is challenging to even think of doing the next thing.  Let alone your best.  Yet, if you aren't trying to do your best, what are doing?  

You have challenges.  I have challenges.

You have things you don't think that you can get through.  I have things I don't think I can get through.

You have goals that come with more setbacks than wins.  I have goals that come with more setbacks then wins.

You have people fighting to tear you down. I have people fighting to tear me down.

You have come from somewhere and are going somewhere.  I have come from somewhere and am going somewhere.

The question is first, do you want to do your best?  [I do!]  I don't think most people would say they don't want to do their best.  But at the same time, they aren't putting in the effort to do their best.  They are only giving it half the effort.  Is half their best?  There may be times it is.  But if you know in your  heart you could do more, do better, then it is not your best.  You have to want to do your best.  Nobody else can make you.  If you do want to do your best, then how do you do your best?

Watch this 2 minute video by Coach Garrett after the Cowboy's win on Sunday, December 28th, 2014.  Be inspired to do your best!

You do your best regardless of circumstances.  - Coach Garrett

Do what?  Regardless?  No matter what?


No matter the challenges.  No matter what you don't think you can get through.  No matter the goal.  No matter the setbacks.  No matter the wins.  No matter the people fighting to tear you down.  No matter where you came from. No matter where you are going.  No matter whatever circumstances you are facing.

If your best needs to be cleaned up.  Clean it up.  If you have something to learn.  Learn it.  Stay focused.  Don't loose sight of what is important.  Be hungry.  Be ready to take on what is set before you.  Don't quit.  Have a killer instinct.  Know what you our next move is and do it.  Trust your gut.  Follow through with it.

The results will come, if you do your best.

Take one day.  One moment.  One task.  One challenge.  And do your best with it.

I needed these reminders at a time when I am facing challenges, setbacks and circumstances trying to overwhelm me.  Defeat me.  Make me give up.  

I wanted to share them with you. I want to encourage you [and me] to do your best!  Life is short.  Give it all you got. 

And Never.Never.Never.Quit.

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