Thursday, January 1, 2015

YearInReview for 2014

As I reflect on 2014, my main goal was to focus on getting away from the mindset of having a list of boxes to check off, tasks to complete and to live in the moment.  Realize that I am enough. Everyday. Just as I am.

In reflection, I believe I accomplished that.  And if not completely, I sure made some great progress towards this.  This year was one of extreme transformational growth, on so many levels, and I am extremely grateful!!!  The results have been very impactful.

Here my friend, is a list of 2014 highlights:

  • Attended 2 LiveBIG Events, January 2014 and March 2014, that majorly rocked my world, impacted my life, changed my course, and affected the outcome.
  • Had my 1st Ski experience with a LiveBIG Friend at Park City in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • I started sponsoring "my child", Kajal, through World Vision February 2014.
  • Cut my hair for the 1st time ever and donated 14.5" to Locks of Love March 2014.
  • Went on my 1st Date [yes ever, at age 37] on March 30th, 2014 when a guy from LiveBIG asked me out.
  • Enjoyed my 1st Beer: Blue Moon.
  • Participated in the LiveBIG Mastermind Coaching for 90 days with Gerald Rogers.
  • I did a 30 Day Video Challenge to myself to get past my fears of being on camera and what I had to say being recorded.
  • Went to California over Mother's Day Weekend and got reconnected with my Aunt Donna and Uncle Dana.
  • Took 4 vacations this year and completely unplugged in ways I have never done before...and YES, it was awesome!!!  [Gonna make this a yearly habit!]
  • Bought a Groupon and went and did my 1st Wake Boarding experience.
  • Completed 6 months of Online Dating, April 2014 - October 2014, [yes, dating for the first time in my life] as I committed to doing to my Transformational Life Coach!  Went out with 13 guys.
  • I got my 1st pair of shorts May 2014!
  • I went West Coast Swing Dancing for my 1st time in California June 2014.
  • I went on my 1st boat ride in Las Vegas over the July 4th Weekend!
  • I enjoyed getting to have Nova Lox Bagels for breakfast for my 1st time.
  • I went to my 1st Pool Party that including "mix swimming" over Labor Day.
  • I got to be a guest on the CharlaA Radio Show to share my story.
  • I got to see Christine Caine LIVE at a videoing of a show at Life Today.
  • I made a purpose to see the sunrise nearly every morning this spring and summer and got to watch some amazing Texas Scenary and beauty in God's Creation.
  • I got my 1st flowers from a date.
  • I donated more money then I ever have to charity efforts.
  • Went on my 1st Cruise for 5 days to the Bahamas!
  • Got to experience my 1st Snorkeling Expedition.
  • My book writing sort of came to a halt in the summer and I didn't meet my goal of having it completed and ready to be published by January 2015.
  • I got foundation repair work done on my house.
  • I got to be spoiled by the iBloom Team with a VIP Weekend Trip to Lexington, Kentucky which included massage, hair and makeup makeover, and a Photo Shoot of new photos that will be put on my website.
  • I had LASIK Surgery done.
  • I got to go see my 1st Cowboy's Game live on Thanksgiving Day!
  • The moments God showed up to give me a message in small ways like the license plate GREATFL in Las Vegas and GODS GUD in Fort Worth.
  • I became overwhelmed by the pressure of life and personal attacks from some friends as I made some changes in my life.  The result was I pulled back from writing so much on my blog and I actually took a few months off.  In the end, I wish I hadn't let others stop me from doing something I love.  Writing.  Sharing my world with you.  This will become a priority again in my life.
  • God's message for me this year to learn was: I no longer need to be a people pleaser.  My aim in life is to please God.  Nobody else.  Because I Am Enough. Doing things for other peoples approval and acceptance needs to be eliminated.  God was very purposeful in how he planted that memo, how he created and used things to help me see this dynamic in my life that needed to be rooted out, the lessons and exercises he gave me to create and live out a new pattern, with amazing experiences in how he allowed me to approach this belief full on, even to the point of using some very close friendships and people who have impacted my life and been in my world to achieve this.

May you reflect on 2014 with fond memories at all the challenges and victories you have experienced and may you be blessed as you put this volume on the shelf and start with a new page on the next one for 2015!

Thank YOU for being a part of my world!!!  The Courageous Journey continues...

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