Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Goals & Resolutions

Each Year, I create my list of Goals / Resolutions / Dreams / Intentions / Visions for both personal and business goals, but the last 6 years I started publishing them on my blog also.  If you wish to review the previous years, you can do so by clicking on these links: 2009 Goals & Resolutions2010 Goals & Resolutions, 2011 Goals & Resolutions2012 Goals & Resolutions2013 Goals & Resolutions and 2014 Goals & Resolutions.  Some years I have up to 10 goals and multiple categories.  I find more strength and focus when I limit it to just a few.  In 2013, I condensed both my personal goals and business goals to 4.  In 2014, at the recommendation of Michael Hyatt and taking part in his course Best Year Ever, I did not have any categories and limited it to a total of 7 goals.  This year, I am going to do this again, but with 10 goals this time, along with creating a theme for the year at the end as a reflection of the results of my year!

2015 goals
#1  I have met some great people through Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership Master Series that I attended November 2009, through my LiveBIG Workshops that I attended January 2014 & again in March 2014, and some great gals on my 1st cruise November 2014.  I have decided that many of these friendships I want to develop deeper and to have more memories with them then just these occasions we have had together.  I will make a list of 12 people and go see one of them each month of the year for a long 3-4 Day Weekend.  I initially was intimidated by the cost this will be as if not planned in advance, it will not be cheap, but I have decided the investment into these relationships means something to me and I wish to make that a priority this year.  This is over and above the 4 vacations I want to take, in which I will take some time to spend with Girl Friends and will do at least one "staycation" since I have never done this.
#2  I will finish writing my first book, about my life/my story, to be ready to publish by January 2016; I will resume activities that help me achieve this as I did last year by participating in Jeff Goins My 500 Words Challenge and will spend 30 minutes every day writing; I will get headshots done for Author Website by June 2015; and I will have live by November 2015

#3  After spending time breaking away and unplugging on my vacations this year, being on a cruise, staying in hotels, making a focus to enjoy watching the sunrise each morning in Texas, enjoying God's creation around the country...I find that I live life too complicated and with more in it than I feel it needs to have to be enjoyed.  I want less in my life.  I am going to aggressively condense my belongings, more than I have to date.  I want my life to be lived spent with friends, eating good food, getting great sleep, enjoying awesome exercise, living simply in my house.  I will start by pretending to stage my house to sell it so that I can work through the excess and know what needs to be cut out.  I will work on one section, collection, closet, room at a time.  I will spend at minimum 15 minutes every day working on this project.

#4  I will live life intentionally with the focus to run wild, live free, and love strong.  I want everything to follow the THINK Method: True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind.  

#5  I will continue to experience things I have never done as 1st's and add them to my Bucket List.  Goal is to do one a month.

#6  I will pay my house off by December 2015, one year and three months earlier than my original goal.  This means I will reduce my eating out expenditures to do so.

#7  I will spend 30 minutes three times a week dreaming and creating a vision of the life I want to create for myself both personally and in business as it relates to relationships, finances, career, health and God.  I will continue coaching to assist me with these goals and work through limiting beliefs.

#8  It is my goal to have someone special to spend my life with and as a part of that plan I will begin a NEW savings account for a wedding fund called LoveOfMyDreamsFund and contribute $250.00 a month towards it to have $3000.00 at Year End.

#9  Watch one movie every week/weekend...because I have a long list of movies to see and the chill time is good for me.

#10  My goal is to read one book a month, beyond what is assigned to me through coaching.  

#RunWild #LiveFree #LoveStrong

What are your Goals / Resolutions / Dreams / Intentions / Visions for 2015?  Share with me...I would love to encourage, support and inspire you to live boldly, with love and grace.


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