Wednesday, March 9, 2016

live like a daffodil

Do you feel like you have been crushed? Broken down? But not fully destroyed? 

Do you feel no beauty remains to your soul? 

Do you feel drenched by the storms of life?

Do you feel weary and tired of the fight?

Do you feel your faith is holding on by a thread?

As I look at this Daffodil on my walk this morning, I see the beauty of what exists even though the horrific Texas Storms have made an impact of on its stature. I see it standing strong even though part of it isn't and has succumbed to the weight of the pressure. I see it allowing the storm to grow it's strength. I see the effect of the rain and its beauty on its petals. I see it accepting life as it is.

How will you embrace the journey of life? Will you seek truth? Even in the storms, weariness, tears, fear, pain, and hurt of life? Will you choose to still see the beauty of the moment? 

#Reflections #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LifeIsBeautiful #LiveIntentionally #DontQuit

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