Tuesday, March 8, 2016

you impacted my life

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you.
You made an impact in my life. In more ways then you probably even know. You taught me new things. You gave me some wonderful experiences. I made many new friends and met some great people through you. You gave me some wonderful gifts. I will always remember your passion and enthusiasm for life and music. My gratitude for your part in my life is extensive.
Some days I don't understand what brings about the feelings, the memories, the emotional pain, and yes, sometimes even the longing for what used to be...I choose to embrace the journey, every aspect of it.
I have no regrets for allowing you into my heart. I choose to believe God has a plan. I choose to trust His work in my life in these weeks of pruning me back. Of shattering my world, both personally and in business. I choose to accept that these deep dark days when I feel lost, my heart is hurting, and nothing motivates me...except I know that God is taking me into deeper waters to increase my trust and faith as He has an even bigger plan for my life.
I will continue to seek the truth. I will focus on the things that matter. I will not give up.
You have left a hole in my heart and in my life. No matter the walls you build to keep me out, you can't take away my love because it still exists in my heart. And because of this, I pray for you every day and I will the rest of my life. I still believe ‪#‎LifeIsBeautiful‬.

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