Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Prayer 03.23.2016

Dear Lord,
Please be with each of us today, as we go through our journey, seeking which path to take, searching for the truth in each decision we need to make. Help us to see your hand in the moment. Help us to trust you are working things out according to your plan. Give us direction. Help us to ask for help from those who have had similar situations. Help us to seek clarity because you are not the one creating confusion. Help us to understand that your ways are easy. Your method is light. You are love. You are joy. You are peace. Help us to set healthy boundaries. Help us to seek you in every aspect of frustration, anger, hurt, anxiety and simply believe in you. Help us to do the next best thing, it is by one piece at a time that we make progress. Being overwhelmed just means we haven't give it to you and are trying to do it all at once, on our own.
I praise you today for how you show up daily in our lives. How much you love us. How you lead and guide us when we ask you with an open heart to show us the path to take. You give us the power in all these little details. Your hand is never short. You always always always provide. Help us to believe in the moments of doubt and fear. I ask this in your amazing loving name, to have hope, to have faith, to believe, to seek peace, to show love, to embrace today...AMEN!
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