Thursday, March 24, 2016

poem ~ love for atonement

I opened the door and let you inside,
you peeked in and found a place to reside.

You got a glimpse of what nobody else ever saw,
and you captured it over and over, in every photo.

I shared moments with you, no one else ever had,
in opening my heart, I will truly always be glad.

With words and with actions, you had me believe,
I would always be special, if I could only receive.

The depth of emotion, in these moments of love,
the strength of connection, beyond heavens above.

I will never forget you, this chapter you wrote,
for in it you opened, intrinsic love quotes.

The song isn't singing, anywhere in my soul,
for my heart is bleeding, around the big hole.

The journey is painful, some days I just cry,
but I promise I am grateful, even if I ask why.

The fact still remains, I choose to believe,
that life does contain, everything you retrieve.

With hope in my dreams, even in the pain of this moment,
I find courage that means, there is love for atonement.

~ written by Misty Gilbert 03.24.2016
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