Thursday, March 17, 2016

remove the mask. online. offline. be you.

Do you want to remove your mask and live a life online and offline that isn't pretending your reality looks like someone else’s idea of perfect? What would it take for you just show up as you?
When you show up with your one beautiful, messy life, you will find your people, the ones you belong to, the ones who belong to you.
Be everything. Because your life, the real one you are already living is beautiful. Yes, it is Instagram-perfect, just as it is!
Remember, reality is just that. It is really true. It is not fake. It is a mix of messy, sometimes downright ugly. But that ugliness and messiness is what is truly beautiful.
Did you know that the whole world wants you to show and share with them, online and offline, the real you?
You fit in it just as you are. Today. Because YOU are amazing! YOU are beautiful. Fully. YOU are unique, a perfectly imperfect soul just the way you are.
Accept it. Believe it. Don't hide it. Share it because we are missing the beauty inside your soul when you pretend behind your selfie Instagram-wanna-be life.
‪#‎RemoveTheMask‬ ‪#‎BeYOU‬ ‪#‎ChooseToBeDifferent‬ ‪#‎YouAreBeautiful‬‪#‎TheSassyVoice‬

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