Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fear of Failure and Rejection

Fear of failure and rejection is a universal feeling. Everyone experiences these fears at some point in their lives. As long as we use fear as a drive to overcome, to get back up and keep moving forward even when it seems impossible, or to open up our hearts and trust again, we can achieve the success and acceptance we have been searching for in business, love or whatever it is that is important to us.

When we fail or experience rejection, the tendency is to close ourselves off by putting walls up around us, tell ourselves we aren't talented, capable or worthy enough to have what we want and sadly...give up on our dreams and aspirations.

The rationale is that if you protect yourself in this way, you ensure that you will never get hurt again by another person and if you don't get back up and try again, then you won't experience failure. But isn't that failure in itself? As adopting this attitude absolutely ensures you NEVER have what it is you had always envisioned you would. Shutting everyone out and resigning yourself to the fact that you will stop trying so as not to taste the bitterness of failure seals your fate of never being able to connect with another or achieving the goals you once had.

The courage to allow ourselves to become vulnerable again is actually the key to having any chance at reaching our goals, whether they be business, personal, or relationship related.

Most people see vulnerability as a weakness, when it is in fact indicative of how strong, courageous and determined you are to get what you know you want and deserve. Allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable and opening yourself up 100% no matter what pain or rejection you experience in life is the only way you are going to be able to connect the way you want to to someone, if that is your goal, or land that business opportunity you likely would not have otherwise, if you hadn't put yourself in a situation outside your comfort level. That is the risk (or courage) it takes to enable you to meet that person that could give you the opportunity of a life time as they are able to see your ambition and drive to succeed, and recognize that what you have to offer is exactly what they have been looking for!

Don't be intimidated by fear, but rather be courageous IN fear. When you fall, get back up, staying in your vulnerability. After all, if you don't have what you have always wanted, you have nothing to lose right? You are absolutely here for a purpose and deserve whatever it is you are willing to work for. So live with passion and purpose and go get what it is you deserve! But it's up to you! Kick fear to the curb! You can do it! - Holly Kempton
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