Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Your Social Media Message

Some people say you should only post once a day to Facebook and some say you should post every hour. Some say you should get one platform and sync everything through it, others say you should be on all platforms.

Some will tell you to keep posts short and sweet others will say write as much as you want. Some say you should only repost other people's stuff and some say you should create all your own content. Some will say you get more with pictures and some say you need more written content.

Some people will like your message and some people will hate you for it. Some people will be inspired and others will only condemn and criticize you further for sharing your voice. Some will like the interaction with you if it is feeding a need they have, but once that need is met, they will cut you out of their life.

Some will do everything in their power to take you down, be ugly, and discourage you by telling you lies or others lies about you and your platform because they are jealous or wish they could live the life you are living. Some will hear these lies and let the seeds be planted in their mind and believe your platform is a show, fake, hypocritical, or being created for a selfish purpose.

You have a choice on who you listen to and who you accept input from. You have a choice on what limiting beliefs you will hold onto and what risks you will take to try something new that goes against mainstream social media or is outside of the box. You have a choice as to what you allow in your news feed and what needs to go.

No matter what your circle of influence is, whose voice you are listening to, or your method of sharing that message...please know this:
- The TRUTH cannot be hid.
- Those that LOVE themselves, will be able to be LOVING to you.
- As water reflects one's face, so one's life reflects the heart.
- Actions speak louder than words.
- Results do not lie.
- Strength does not come without pain, challenges, difficulty, hard work, or determination.
- True social media is about relationships, not just sharing a message you put out. This means you will have interaction, dialogue, and the sharing is two-ways. Otherwise it is not a relationship, it is marketing.
- You will become like the 5 closest people around you. Make sure you are investing in a circle of influence that will grow you, not tear you down.
- Life has a way of shaking out the bad apples. Let them fall from the tree and keep seeking the good fruit.
- Do not be afraid to unfollow people that do not help you achieve the success you want in your thought life. If you need to, delete them as a Facebook Friend. In severe cases, you may need to block them. I only recommend this if the circumstances are extreme. I have done it 3 times.
- Always be willing to see someone else's perspective, but never forget that there is only one perspective that truly matters.

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