Wednesday, March 2, 2016

your view of our government

I have been reflecting on all the opinions and negative thoughts people have on our government.
I wonder why we point the finger at these people and don't address the very issues in our own lives? I wonder why we expect our government to be different when we do the very same things they do that we despise? Yes maybe on a smaller scale, but that doesn't change the facts. I wonder what it will take for us to wake up and create the American Culture we want?
I will have been in business for 12 years this June 2016. The vast majority of business mix personal and business expenses to reduce their write off's so that they can pay minimal taxes or they do not have to pay any taxes by operating at a loss. They want to earn a lot of money and reap the benefits of a certain lifestyle, yet do not think that there is a cause and effect in this concept? They want to be respected, honored, looked to as an example in the community and be a resource that grows, yet they do not appreciate, follow, or honor the laws of the land. They think they will be blessed by God when they actually do not honor him in the small areas of life first. This will never work to bring success.
You go to dinner with a friend and claim it as a business expense, yet is this engagement with your "friend" directly related to your business? No. You claim you are due this because you have worked your butt off and you can't pay yourself a salary so you pay for your daily living to "make it". This is not being authentic and honest.
There are black and white areas of the IRS rules and regulations and there are gray areas. Seek to learn them and work with an Accountant, CPA, Attorney and other professionals who can give you guidance so you grow and are successful and do not face legal issues later.
In order to be a great leader, to set an example, to make a difference in the lives around us...we have to start by addressing the issues in our personal lives before we can ever lead others. Whether this is our children, our employees, or the American People.
- We cannot expect to create change by doing the same thing.
- We cannot have different results by doing what everyone else does.
- We cannot make a difference by hiding our own voice even when that is in direct conflict to others.
- We cannot become who God called us to be by following patterns that do not work.
- We cannot believe these things will go unnoticed and never be discovered and disclosed.
- We cannot stand for truth if we do not do it in all things.
- We cannot be intentional only in some areas and expect our life to have peace.
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