Monday, April 4, 2016

poem ~ dating vacation

A damsel in distress
That I am not
Sure I've been hurting
Depressed I am not.

Yes I was dating
Today I am not
Don't try to judge me
As I unravel my knot.

A dating vacation
It's my choice I say
This conscious decision
For I want to bloom today.

To give time for healing
As I discover in grief
The relationships meaning
By faith I have belief.

You say just move on
To choose someone new
But little is this true
When your heart is so blue.

The day then will come
When I am open again
To receiving the love
And attention of men.

But until I believe
I have arrived at that place
Please honor my boundaries
In request of this space.

A man who is pushy
To force his way in
Won't get my attention
In his effort to win.

Nope this is not
Me playing hard to get
I'm knee deep in this chapter
Simply facing my shit.

Some days I do quite well
Other times I'm not fine
But none of this matter
If I'm just passing the time.

Single status I am
Unafraid I am not
For I am surrounded
By friends quite a lot.

I know who I am
And the things I am not
I trust in my God
For healing He's bought.

~ written by Misty Gilbert 04.04.2016

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