Sunday, April 3, 2016

poem ~ follow your heart

I'm just a girl on a journey
embracing the moment
experiencing each day
with vibrance and life.

My path is different
then yours on most days
because I believe
in the uniqueness of ways.

Yet as much as I am different
I am also alike
you and your vision
in this thing we call life.

My heart is for courage
and connection through love
To become a woman of virtue
built on the foundation of truth.

Some days it is clear
what this looks like to me
Some days it is muddy
beyond recognizable belief.

My experiences may differ
and beliefs may look wrong
but if you trusted in love
you would believe in the song.

Through pain I have found
new ways to have hope
for in it I discovered
my calling and purpose.

No matter the difference
you see in my life
one thing you can't touch
is the freedom in Christ.

I want to encourage you
to see beyond pain
to find hope in dealing
with healing and rain.

To be the person
God called you to be
you must choose to live
through moments like these.

The power of choice
remains yours to use
the gift in each blessing
intentionally you choose.

Embrace all that life
has brought you today
for in each encounter
you must choose the way.

Don't live in regrets
just follow your heart
flowing open with love
in every part.
~ written by Misty Gilbert 04.03.2016
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