Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Prayer 06.29.2016

Dear Most Gracious Loving Heavenly Father,
Today I am lift up my Facebook Friends to you. The ones struggling to find their way, the ones lost not knowing which direction to look for answers, confused by the outcome of situations, frustrated by the challenges life has brought to them, concerned they can't make it, and feeling overwhelmed in the process.
I ask you to give show them today that you LOVE them. I ask you to bring someone into their path to show them a bit of light to propel them forward. I ask you to show up today in a way that they feel and know it is YOU!
You tell us if we seek you (draw nigh) to you, you will be there for us (you draw nigh to us). You state clearly that we will not be destroyed if they seek you with all our mind, all our heart, all our soul, all our strength. Today, show us how to do that more fervently.
Help each of us not to waste anymore time today pushing off what they can do now. Give us the motivation and strength to do the next best thing. One simple step. One task. One prayer. One hug. One smile. One dollar towards debt. One statement saying I am sorry. One choice that will have a ripple effect. One question to find the truth we are seeking.
May we remember that your presence goes before us and we can choose to walk with you today in everything we say and do. Let us be used for you today to encourage, support and inspire others!

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