Thursday, June 30, 2016

when life sets back your writing

I started my personal blog in 2007.  The original plan was for it to be a recap of trips and big events in my life, kind of like an online scrapbook with writings and pictures.  As time went on and I found my voice in putting words on paper, it has developed into me writing more frequently, me writing more and more thoughts, sharing personal things, creating dialogue to inspire you to reflect on your own life and in doing so, I have become more and more vulnerable in sharing you bits and pieces of my life.  This process has been an evolving process and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed as it has grown me tremendously!  I never would have dreamed I was a writer, but it has been an outlet my heart has needed.  

Last year however, when I faced some horrific attacks both personally and in my business, I quit writing as much as I had been.  I didn't have the heart and so I disappeared from my blog.  I felt my time, energy, and focus needed to be working through the situations I was facing of an extreme level in loosing some very close and important friendships to me as I was facing a legal battle with having to sue a client to be paid for services I rendered because they refused to setup a payment plan.  After getting some legal advice, I felt I needed to minimize the exposure I had in order to protect myself.  I felt that I needed to connect with other things and took my writing into a personal journal instead of here online.

Sometimes life does this to us.  It knocks us on off our feet.  It wrecks havoc on the very things that mean lots to us.  It makes us wonder what our mission is.  It makes us frustrated with the circumstances we are experiencing.  It makes us ask God more fervently for direction. It stretches our faith.  It is a purification process.  When we allow this to do it's perfect work, we can see God's hand in our lives to an even greater degree.  When we don't fight the process and are open to being pruned, being cut off from the things that up until this point have given us life, when we are willing to be broken down so that we can be repaired, we can then be healed and grow again.

A lot has transpired and it will be hard to bring you up to speed on all that, and I honestly at this point am not going to even try.  However, I want you to know that I am going to resume my writing and I pray that as I continue to be a part of your life and share a part of my journey with you that you too will be willing to go deeper with God.  That you too will be willing to be vulnerable.  That you too will accept another purification process.  That you too will strengthen your faith.  That you too will let God heal you through whatever pain of life you are experiencing.

God is with you my friend.  Even in the dark, ugly, and horrific mess.  He is with you!  Have FAITH!!!  He is working all things out for your good.

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