Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gratitude 12.06.2016

Today, I am grateful.

For you.

For the challenges and pain that I am currently facing that help me to reflect deeper and to connect with My God.

For my employees who truly care about me, my clients, and learning a trade to help each of them to earn a living to create the life that they want.

For the chance to have another opportunity to give back to For One Another Foundation, Inc, to share their message, what began their journey, the facts about how much of the world doesn't live with Clean Water and how we can make a difference.

For increased strength after having a long sick spell.

For my story.

For the way God created me to be vulnerable in a way that scares some people and draws some people closer in a connection and friendship.

For those who invest in me, share nuggets with me, who press me to grow beyond myself.

For a chance to show more love deeply, more fully, more openly, those who are judging me, who refuse to work out issues, those who have shoved me out, whose relationships are based on performance.

For this year and it's theme of permission and the lessons it has had for me.

For unconditional love.

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