Tuesday, December 6, 2016

some people will...

Some people will accept your vulnerability, some will shun you for it.

Some will want to know your story, others will not be able to handle it.

Some will want your gifts, others will feel you are are trying to buy their relationship or their love.

Some people will love you unconditionally, others will love you conditionally.

Some people will desire a connection at all times, some will only connect with you when the relationship feeds their need.

Some will believe in you no matter if they get hurt, some will only believe in you when they agree with you and it doesn't hurt.

Some will say that they are for one another, but others will actually live out being for one another.

Some will be willing to work through anything and everything because they know every bit of conflict only brings a stronger connection, some will push you away when conflict comes because they don't want to become closer connected.

Some will say that forgiveness is important, others will live that forgiveness is important.

Some people will see things through another perspective, others will only see through their perspective.

Some will inspire you to be a better version of yourself, others will be the reason you become a better version of yourself.

Some will say they believe in love and that love never fails, some will actually love live in action and show you that love never fails.

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