Monday, January 23, 2017

there is a word for you

Sometimes a word comes to you in a message that if you aren't paying attention, you will miss.  

Sometimes a word comes to you in a message that is so loud, even if you tried to ignore it, you couldn't.

Sometimes a word comes to you in a message and it totally shakes your world.

I live for these words.  The are the fuel that keeps me focused to my vision and purpose and what areas of my life that need change, breakthrough and transformation.

They show up when we are willing and ready for them.  They make an impact in our lives when we allow them to.  They bring hope and life when we reflect on them.  They give energy to our daily routine.  They bring clarity to challenges we are facing.

This happened to me the last week, 4 times.

One of my guy friends called me a week ago on Monday to apologize for something in response to one of my Facebook / Blog posts [they many times get put in both spots]. In conversation with me he said, Misty, you do not give yourself enough credit.  You are so hard on yourself.  You really are amazing.  

I have a weekly call with a girlfriend and mastermind buddy every Tuesday at 10amCST.  In our 30 minute discussion this last week she said, Ohhhhh, Misty, you are too hard on yourself.  You really are.

I had my call on Thursday with my Coach, he said, You're doing a number on yourself.  There is only so much of you.  You aren't being fair or kind to you.  You are important. 

I sent an email to a friend yesterday, who I am working with on creating some material for their university, with a status of where things are and the challenges I am facing in life right now.  Her response, please don't be so hard on yourself.

How many times do you have to be told the same thing to get it?  Sometimes a lot. 

How many ways can someone share the same message with you so you are connected to what is important?  Sometimes a lot.  

How many people will share the message with you in different ways to help you gain clarity and understanding?  Sometimes a lot.

I am listening.

I am in-tune to this word.

I will practice not being hard on myself.

I may need reminders.  

I hope you will encourage, support and inspire me to not be hard on myself.

I hope you help me love me and show me ways to give me grace.

I will transform through this breakthrough knowing there is a reason for this in my life right now.

I am asking: Why are you being so unkind to yourself?  What can you do to love her more?  How will you make a change?
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