Tuesday, January 24, 2017

your battles in life

I am not better then you.

I have faced the same challenges you face.  Defeat. Discouragement. Rejection. Pain.  Fear.  Anger.  Confusion.  

I battle the same battles you battle. 

No, maybe not with infidelity of a spouse.  Maybe not with the loss of an unborn child. Maybe not with a physical body handicap that you can see.  Maybe not with being homeless like you have been.  Maybe not with addiction to cigarettes.  

But I have my own battles.  They might be bigger then yours at times, either in the past, currently or in the future. They might be smaller then yours, either in the past, currently or in the future.  It doesn't matter the size of the battle, we each have them and sometimes the small battles are enough to do us in if we are emotionally, mentally, physically or even spiritually drained.

I have a lady who used to clean my house that won't return the key she has to my house for weeks on end.   I have made requests for it to be returned to me.  Her promises to bring it by such and such a date have come and gone.   It isn't a priority to her.  I am frustrated as the new cleaning lady starts tomorrow and I do not have an extra key to my house.  My old cleaning lady feels I am being demanding.  I am tired of the battle.

I saw a movie the week before my 40th Birthday with my singles friends.  It disturbed my world.  It wrecked havoc on my emotions.  It took me back to memories and trauma that I don't like to have to face.  It has caused emotional post traumatic stress on my health and I am suffering from residual effects to this with lack of sleep, fatigue and exhaustion at a high level even just doing the simple daily tasks, criticism from others for being vocal about this, and some people say I am not healed or this wouldn't bother me. It has made me question things I shouldn't question.  Yet I know the truth.

I have clients who like to push getting me information to be able to complete the deadlines that we face with taxes and payroll reporting periods.  They seem to think that I am able to do magic every year at the last minute for them and everyone else I serve without considering the time it takes to prepare and do these tasks.  

These things and more are current battles I am facing.  

Yet, in these battles, I have a choice.  

I can look at what is going wrong or I can reflect on what is going right.  I can look at past results that are causing me concern, anxiety and frustration or I can create a vision for the future.  I can stay stuck in fear and depression or I can move forward doing the next best thing I can do.  I can think about negative things or I can capture my own thoughts and think about positive things.  I can be irritated and frustrated with myself or I can show myself more love and grace.  I can tell myself life is hard and not worth it or I can believe that the hard things I am facing will get easier and that I have the strength to deal with them.  I can act like everyone is out to get me and take advantage of me or I can believe that each one of these circumstances are being used for a purpose in my life to help me have stronger boundaries, to remove the unwanted stress from my life and to spend time creating the life I really want.

It is up to me to face the truth in these things.  To demolish the lies.  To face my fears.  To have courage.  To not just  make it through the day.  To gather people into my circle of influence who can help me when I do not have the strength to help myself.  To be resilient through all challenges.

Today, will you choose to fight your own battles?

Today, I simple want you to know, that the challenges you face are to help move you to the next chapter, to create clarity on what is the next step, to connect you to your purpose, to help fulfill your vision, to help you remove what is unnecessary from your life.  Asking yourself today, what can I learn in this moment will help you to refocus and not blame others or hate life for what you are experiencing.

But the choice is yours.
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