Wednesday, February 1, 2017

expectations or grace

What are your core values?  What are important characteristics to you in a relationship?  Are you acting in alignment with these in how you relate to other people?

If you want a client to pay you on time for services you rendered to them, do you pay your vendors on time?

If you desire to be treated with respect, even when there is a disagreement, conflict or challenges, do you treat others with respect when you disagree, have conflict or challenges?

If you hate being interrupted in a conversation, do you make sure that you do not interrupt someone you are talking to?

If you really dislike people who screen their calls and make you leave a voicemail, do you screen your calls and make people leave voicemails?

If you want someone to return your text messages promptly, do you return text messages promptly?

We are mirrors of the very things we approve of, like, disapprove of and dislike in other people.  Looking at our own lives and addressing the things that we don't like, that irritate us, and bother us is the only way we can change.  Asking myself, is this thing that is irritating me something I do to others?  Is critical in helping me look at myself and either change or give more grace.
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