Friday, February 10, 2017

the process of becoming new

The Cross is a symbol of becoming NEW in Christ.

This means there is a process to letting go of old ways, old stories, old behaviors, old thoughts, old feelings, old experiences, old beliefs.

To create new means you have to Stop. Undo. Change. Release. Transition. Create or Build. Embrace. Focus.

This week it has become clear to me there is still too much from the "old" that is still a part of my life. Too many things trying to still attach themselves to my life. Some things that I haven't released that need to be released for appropriate growth. There is a need for further pruning. More onion layers to be uncovered and removed. Necessary Endings that need to take place for New Beginnings to even start. More focus on New Chapters.

Sometimes we don't know what all these revelations are to us as we go into ourselves and uncover the still small voice inside of us. Sometimes the answers that come throughout our day aren't where we think we are going to get them. Sometimes the ways God shows up in our lives to put the pieces together leave us in awe.

But it is our choice on how we will work with the old and create the new. It is our choice whether we embrace it or fight it. God gives us a free will. But if we seek Him, He will guide us.

I will be focusing on what all this means and how to implement it. But I am determined to forge ahead. Removing those things that hold me back. Pressing on towards the mark that God has set for my journey. Not wavering in my faith. Rising up when I am taken down. Continuing on in dignity, strength, without fear of the future. In laughter. Focused on taking the next step to press on to be who I am called to be.

It is a journey. It is a process. I welcome this New Chapter.
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