Saturday, April 15, 2017

poem ~ love is

Love is
something we all continually seek
But will never fully comprehend
the purpose in its connection
And the realization of what giving it can meet.

Love is
something we want to be tangible 
But many times it never speaks
the language of our heart
Because locked doors we often keep.

Love is
something that you configure
Yet connection has to run deep
for in it is the hope 
And how it brings life with every beat.

Love is
something that never ends
The cycle of its course
goes on and on forever 
To create the healing from remorse.

Love is
something you can receive 
For love is whatever you want
it to actually be
Because it lives deep inside of me.

Love is
something you'll never see
But the truth of what it does
and how it blesses me
Is always on display shinning back at thee.

Love is
something in the antidote to feelings
You harbor in your soul
the benefit of the source
Is impossible to know.

© Misty W Gilbert
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