Friday, April 14, 2017

poem ~ minimalism

Minimalism they say is crazy
yet they rush to buy more stuff,
To fill their closets, garage and spaces
with more things to achieve a lot of fluff.

Minimalism is a journey 
of living within your means
Not keeping up with the Joneses 
for some important benefit it seems.

Minimalism is looking at what brings value
in every day of life
To love and use the things you have
and create memories alike.

Minimalism is meant to help you see
that life's value isn't meant to be
In consuming more then you can use
for hoarding is not the key.

Minimalism is a choice 
that only you can truly make
But once you begin to see the results
it's hard to see it as a mistake.

Minimalism will change your living
in every aspect of the path
For one can't help but continue to seek
being intentional in every task.

Minimalism isn't about the concept
of who can have the least amount of stuff
No it's truly only for the perspective 
enjoyment is beyond the scope of enough.

© Misty W Gilbert
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